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Donna Spa’s New Pasir Ris Outlet Is Worth Braving for During COVID-19

Yes I know, you might be thinking ‘why would you be writing about a spa when we should be responsible humans and practice self-quarantine and social distancing?’ I get you, I really do, but hear me out—Singapore has yet to enforce a full lockdown yet and yes, going to a spa is not essential per se, but if you’re one who has been staying mostly indoors for the month of March, save yourself from going stir-crazy by treating yourself to a relaxing time at Donna Spa.

Credit – Donna Spa

What better way than to spend your limited time outside your home than a spa? Spas generally have a high level of cleanliness to begin with, and if you fear being in close contact with the spa technicians, worry not for they’re always wearing masks anyway. Now, what makes Donna Spa especially worth it during your limited time outside would be their new combination of three different services into one outlet.

Practise self-love wholly and get your nails done, your facial aesthetic treatments (ala eyebrow embroidery and lash extensions), and massage all in the same place! Limit exposure to the virus by visiting one place for all your beauty needs, am I right? Donna Spa had graciously invited a colleague and me to experience some of their top of the line services and to say we were absolutely impressed is an understatement.

My colleague had chosen to get her nails done with the Nailz Haus service and was blown away at the level of expertise with her nail technician. She was almost hypnotised at the level of skill her nail technician presented as tiny strokes of colour were painted onto the minuscule canvas that is the nail. I had chosen to get a facial with the Donna Beauty service and was very comfortable throughout the whole process of having my pores extracted and moisturised.

Credit – Donna Spa

The room where I had my facial was very luxurious and calming, allowing myself to fully immerse in the much-needed session of relaxation. I knew that the facial was very effective when another colleague had commented that my skin seemed a lot clearer than usual, a weekend after I received the facial.

Now if you’re one to have some cash to throw around, Donna Spa has some higher-end services for you to peruse. Their La Vida service provides a luxurious range of eyebrow, eyeliner, and lip embroidery services to choose from. Itching for an eyelash extension? They’ve got you covered too. Their latest magical addition to this line of aesthetic services are the nanofine™ Stardust Eyebrow and Eyeliner technique which allows you to have a natural-looking 3-dimensional effect to your eyes.

Credit – Donna Spa

With all that said, please do stay safe during these times of the novel coronavirus. And with all my jokes about going stir-crazy, remember to leave your house with caution and only when absolutely necessary. Maybe you can hold off this trip to the spa now and when reality returns to ‘normal’, this spa experience would feel even more deserving and fulfilling.

Prices: nanofine™Stardust Eyebrow – S$2400+; nanofine™ Stardust Eyeliner at S$2800+
Location: Donna Spa @ White Sands – 1 Pasir Ris Central Street 3, #04-09, S518457, Monday – Friday (11am – 7pm), Saturday – Sunday (11am – 6pm) 

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