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Download Starbucks SHIOK! Stickers — Available on Telegram and WhatsApp

After the very entertaining GE2020 politician sticker packs, Starbucks Singapore has joined in the bandwagon and curated a pack of eight stickers, called the SHIOK! sticker pack, to liven up all our social conversations.

Credit – Starbucks Singapore

Each sticker pairs up a Starbucks drink or unique brand feature with a colloquial lingo or witty pun, which you can use at any time of the day.

Credit – Starbucks Singapore

Spur your friend on with a good morning greeting with this energy-giving cup of latte. The cute latte is geared up in a baseball cap and referee whistle, all-ready to cheer you on for the hustle ahead.

Credit – Starbucks Singapore

The new Singapore-exclusive drink—known as Shiok-ah-ccino—made it to the SHIOK! sticker list too. Decked in dark pink and blended with real strawberries, every vein of this beverage screams the joy and festivity of Singapore’s upcoming birthday.

Credit – Starbucks Singapore

Grab your coffee kakis, download the sticker pack now, and chat away.

Telegram sticker pack: Download here.

WhatsApp sticker pack: For Android and Apple. Do search for ‘Starbucks Singapore’.

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