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Textile and Fashion Federation Takes Over Design Orchard’s Retail Showcase

Starting 1 August 2020, the Textile and Fashion Federation (TaFF) will be taking over Design Orchard’s retail showcase. Its previous tenant, Naiise, had pulled out early due to the impacts of COVID-19, and will be dearly missed.

Credit – The Straits Times

Design Orchard, widely recognised as the space opposite Somerset’s iconic H&M building, is a project set out to provide a platform for local design brands and talents to showcase and develop their work. TaFF will be managing both the retail showcase and the co-working and incubation spaces come 1 August.

Credit – The Straits Times

Not to fret, for your favourite local brands at the forefront of the retail showcase aren’t going anywhere. It has been assured that all current brands, suppliers, and employees at the showcase will continue as status quo even amidst the transition.

Credit – Visit Singapore

“TaFF has stepped forward despite the challenging environment, and we are confident they will build on Naiise’s work and find synergies in running the showcase as well as the co-working and incubation spaces,” said Ms Ranita Sundra, STB’s Retail and Dining Director. “Our priority now is to facilitate a smooth transition for all brands, suppliers and employees at the showcase.”

This only means more exciting and curated designs for us to admire, support, and purchase—here’s to supporting local and looking fabulous.

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