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Introducing: The Dot Watch—the world’s first smartwatch for the blind

In the last 20 years, technology has advanced way above and beyond anyone’s expectations, making life so convenient and easy for all of humanity. Just take a look at how the new iOS 14 updates have made checking in an even easier process.

However, this is all assuming that you have all the sensory capabilities of operating a handphone or a computer. It then begs one to question—what about those who are visually, or physically impaired?

Technology has historically helped disabled people in many ways, like with electric wheelchairs and hearing aids, but none has been quite as advanced and modern as the latest invention to enter the market—the Dot Watch.

Credit – Dot Inc.

The Dot Watch, created by Dot Incorporation, is a smartwatch for the visually-impaired. Its face is made of dots that respond to signals, forming easily recognisable braille patterns for the blind. For the first time ever in the history of humanity, the blind can now receive text messages and app notifications, just like on a regular smartphone.

Credit – Dot Inc.

The watch comes complete with a navigation system, an alarm clock, and accelerometer, a gyroscope and also a stopwatch. It delivers all the capabilities of a smartphone, and more.

Credit – Dot Inc.

Retailing at only USD$290, what the watch is doing for the advancement of the global blind community is priceless. Blind people can now simply open Google Maps, find the location of the nearest Starbucks, and follow the directions on the watch.

Such inventions are revolutionary, and very heartwarming, amidst all the gloom and doom that comes with the overwhelming growth of technology. In light of all the negatives, like the destructive impact of social media, it’s certainly great to know that there are some inventions which are genuinely making a positive impact on the world, too.

Price: USD$290

Dot Incorporation | Website

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