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Creative Social Distancing Hats In Chinese Schools – Should Singapore Adopt The Same?

China is slowly emerging from its battle with COVID-19. As life slowly resumes, the schools are engaging in creative means to ensure that social distancing measures are adhered to protect the future generation.

So how do we ensure that young children understand what social distancing entails, especially when they’re in the classrooms or at play? These adorable hats are here to instil just that.

Credit – Weibo

Each hat is appended with two long lateral protrusions at its sides which will hit each other when the kids come too close to one another. These ‘wings’ serve as a gentle reminder to step away from their friends and to keep a safe distance while interacting.

Coincidentally, these extensions are approximately a metre-wide, which ingeniously adheres to the safe distancing protocols. If you’re familiar with Chinese history and culture, you may find these headgears strangely similar to the headwear donned by Court officials from the Song Dynasty.

Back in the ancient times, these wing-like flaps on the ministers’ hats prevented them from whispering to each other—a symbol of keeping a safe social distance, to not conspire, and to be seen as clean and transparent public figures.

There is so much to learn from the other nations who have gone before us—be it contagion or recovery.

Credit – Weibo

Also, it would be an adorable scene to look forward to when the Circuit Breaker ends and schools reopen. Should Singapore adopt the same as well?

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