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| On 1 year ago

COVID-19: DIY Photography To Entertain Yourself During Period of Circuit Breaker Measures

As we stay home during these times of social distancing measures, other than keeping ourselves busy with work, picking up that book that you’ve always wanted to read and trying out those recipes that you’ve always wanted to attempt, I’m sure you’re slowly running out of ideas on what to do at home.

Credit – Digital Camera World

“But I’ve yet to make a dent on my Netflix queue,” you might say, and yes you could be a couch potato, or you could get up and hone in on your photography skills and upgrade yourself—we have all this free time anyway. “But where do I start?” you might ask, no worries, let me give you the answers.

Credit – Digital Camera World

You could start by watching some free video classes online or take a look at Digital Camera World’s tip cards. With 44 pointers at your fingertips, these cards are small, bite-sized pieces of information for you to digest easily. If you’re one to prefer paper over a digital screen, these cards come with easy to follow cutting instructions as well, allowing you to have a physical deck of cards. And if you’re only looking for specific tips on certain subjects such as nature photography, these tips are categorised as well for ease of search.

Credit – Digital Camera World

As a creative, I deeply appreciate things like these for they help keep my creative juices flowing at a time where my anxieties over the state of the world can easily consume me. Here are three of my favourite tips from the deck of 44.

Credit – Digital Camera World

Credit – Digital Camera World

Credit – Digital Camera World

With how detailed these tips are, you know you’re definitely going to learn something handy.

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