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Nikon Online School — Take Free Photography Lessons During Circuit Breaker Month

Are you guilty of buying that super-expensive camera in the spur of the moment? You told yourself that you’ll be more than motivated to learn how to use the camera because of its large price tag, but alas, that is not the case. Your camera has been sitting on the shelf, collecting dust for the past few months, just staring at you as each day passes by.

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But now that you’re stuck at home and have more time than ever, it’s time to break that bad boy out and practice your photography skills. What’s more fitting? Free online photography classes with Nikon Online School. For the whole month of April 2020, let the Nikon Online School guide you through the basics of photography with their handful of super useful and essential classes.

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Fundamentals of Photography will be a great starting point for fellow novices. If you’re wondering why you can never seem to capture the fleeting moments with your children and pets, there’s a class just for that. Photographing Children and Pets will teach you how to evoke genuine expressions from your loved ones as you capture these precious memories. Taking the Environment Portraiture class will enable you to finally understand how to direct your subject in their environment as you shutter away.

Credit – Nikon School Online

As someone who has a deep love for photography, I cannot wait to enhance my skills with these classes. Which class are you most looking forward to?

Date: Whole month of April 2020 

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