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Co-Star Astrology: We Find Out If This Popular App Can Accurately Predict Your Day

Astrology has been around for years, intriguing many with its claims about the foreseeable future, making horoscopes a fascinating content to follow. With smartphones making our access to the internet more accessible than in the past, there has been a resurgence in the popularity of horoscopes among millennials with the astrology app, Co-Star.

This app allows you to view your daily horoscopes by analysing your birth chart down to the time that you were born. The craze over this A.I. powered app has drawn more than 71,000 ratings and 4.9 stars, with millions of users downloading it.

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I am a sceptic when it comes to horoscopes. I find it hard to believe that a particular reading can define one’s day or even the future. It just seems absurd to me. As such, I was curious if this app is as credible and accurate as my friends mentioned. I sought the help of three individuals who have not used this app before. Over three days, they kept a log about their personal experiences using the app and document how has it impacted their life.

Amanda is a 24-year-old female marketing executive and is neutral when it comes to the concept of horoscopes.
Deanna is a 25-year-old female writer and she is a neutral party to horoscopes as well.
Thaddeus is a 22-year-old male video editor and is an absolute sceptic when it comes to horoscopes. 

Day 1

A: I felt happy at work with my colleagues, and the app reflected this positivity by showing power in work and social life. It was pretty accurate today. Still, I cannot relate to the fancy quote stated.

D: Today’s reading said that I am ready to “think clearly, make practical decisions, and follow through on [my] commitments”. Unfortunately, it was a somewhat regular workday, so it was business as usual, and everything went smoothly—but I suppose you could read that as “following through on [my] commitments” if you’re really reading into it.

T: Felt somewhat accurate initially for spiritual, sex and love, and self. However, as the day passed, I felt like it was inaccurate due to sudden circumstances arising. As stated in the app, pressure in work was not valid.

Day 2

A: It does not apply to what I experienced today at all. Everything was going well and in the context of sex and love where it states that there will be pressure, there isn’t at all. The quote of the day certainly did not mean much to me today.

D: Today’s quote of the day mentioned, “It’s important to see the people you love as capable.” Again, Lang Leav vibes but nothing concrete. Of course, it serves as a good, pretty, if bland reminder to appreciate the people you love and not to belittle them but that’s self-evident.

The forecast today is for changing worldviews—apparently to “clear the deck to make room for new ambitions”. Ambiguous, but fair enough—it’s always a good reminder to be on the lookout for opportunities. But again, nothing that relates to my day.

T: To sum up today’s reading, it felt like absolute garbage as nothing made sense at all. The quote of the day mentioned,”using your words may be a problem today,” which is just utter nonsense. The rest of the reading , was just as inaccurate.

Day 3

A: Just like yesterday, it does not apply to my life at all. It is generic when it mentions power in social life because I am already very close with my friends—it is a norm for me. I also had a great day at work, and it was the complete opposite of facing any sorts of pressure that day.

D: I found today’s quote of the day to be the one that sounds the closest to advice: “Run every questionable motive by a friend before you act today”. Again, vague, but it’s a helpful reminder not to be rash. Nothing else of note that’s relevant to my day, aside from a reminder that “Constant moral indignation is hollow and can become vile,” I’ll let you decide what that means because I sure don’t.

T: It did not feel accurate at all, I did not experience anything as mentioned in the app, and it was totally different from what I experienced in my day.

Overall, based on the accounts that I have received, it seems as though Co-Star is not the best tool when it comes to predicting your day or guiding you through it,. You might be fooled into thinking that this app knows you so well with just a couple of quotes that might turn out to be accurate, but looking from a bigger picture, it just seems so wholly generic that perhaps, many might be experiencing the same thing as you. Looking at the daily one-liners might cause one to fall into the state of aligning with “fate” and, instead of trying to do your best, it becomes another case of conformity.

This is by no means a persuasion to shun this app or a counter-protest against horoscopes though. Co-Star does provide a particular sort of entertainment value with its many fascinating reads about the different houses, ascendents, and how people might believe that a certain planet can govern the thoughts of an individual. I admit it was a great insight into the world of astrology. The app might be ideal for those who are seeking a more profound knowledge in the field of horoscopes as it will feed your inquisitive mind with answers. With the ability to look at your friend’s readings for the day and to use it in your daily conversation topics, it is probably one reason why it has become a popular touchstone among millennials.

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