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5 Book Clubs In Singapore To Engage In A Community Within A Community

With the advent of technology surging through and making its presence felt in most aspects of our everyday lives, it leads me to wonder if the digital touch is something that everyone desires. We have seen music and the news going the digitized route in recent years, but one thing that struck me is the existence of physical books. I was never an avid reader.The last I remembered reading a book was a decade ago, not counting mundane lecture notes and prints for formal education purposes. Yet, there are numerous people that I have met who loves reading a physical book, citing the vibe and the feeling that an e-book will never be able to replace.

With a growing community of readers, several book clubs in Singapore remain popular among the masses as members get to enjoy reading and exploring new kinds of books while conversing with other like-minded people. Most importantly, these book clubs allow members to forge a bond through books where they can get to know each other better and engage in conversations within the community. Here are some book clubs in Singapore that brings a community within a community closer to one another and help form meaningful relationships.

1. Books & Beer Singapore

Credit – Books & Beer Singapore

This is one combination that will take many by surprise and as the name suggests, Books & Beer Singapore brings beer lovers together for book swops and conversations with new friends over a pint of beer. Established in 2011, Books & Beers receives a crowd of 60 to 80 attendees for each session, and members will bring with them several pre-loved books for exchange with existing books laid out around the venue.

Collaborative events are also held occasionally, which include meeting authors, book signing sessions, book promotions, and book sales. Not only will you be able to enjoy reading while having your pint of beer, but you will have the opportunity to make new friends as well. For beer lovers, this book club is one for you to take note.

Books & Beer Singapore: Facebook

2. Singapore Vegan Book Club

Singapore Vegan Book Club is a book club with monthly meetings where insights on veganism are shared among the members. Ethics, animal rights, the environment, health, and plant-based nutrition are some of the topics that are shared during the session. However, this book club does not restrict itself to just books—they also include the sharing of films that relate to these topics as well.

This group is open to everyone on the food spectrum regardless of your beliefs.

Singapore Vegan Book Club: Meetup

3. The Singapore Girly Book Club

Credit – The Singapore Girly Book Club

This Girly Book Club provides a space for like-minded women to meet over a glass of wine and share a common passion—reading. What makes this book club unique is the presence that it has globally. Other than Singapore, this book club has 80,000 members in 12 other countries and 80 cities across the globe.

The members of The Singapore Girly Book Club have a shared task of reading the same book over the same period before meeting up and discussing the book. The meetings take place every month, and you have to indicate an RSVP to attend the session. For ladies who are seeking like-minded companions when you travel abroad, this book club is great for you to discuss your readings, make friends, and know more about the culture in other countries.

The Singapore Girly Book Club: Website

4. The Hungry Hundred Book Club

Credit – The Hungry Hundred Book Club

The Hungry Hundred Book Club is one of Singapore’s most popular book clubs, with a strong following of 5,000 members. This book club prides itself on thought provoking discussions regarding some of the literary works of art. From iconic books such as Shakespeare and Charles Dickens to “Bridget Jones Diary” and the Harry Potter series, this book club caters to people of all age groups.

With such a wide range of genres that can cater to almost everybody in Singapore, this group aims to foster the bond among the reading community through meals and drinks while exchanging conversations with one another.

The Hungry Hundred Book Club: Meetup

5. Queer Book And Movie Club

Credit – Queer Book And Movie Club

Book clubs are a great way to know more about individuals in a like-minded community, and for those who are interested to know the insights of an LGBTQ community, the Queer Book and Movie Club is ideal for you. They are an all-inclusive, non-discriminatory group that welcomes everyone, regardless of sexuality, age, gender, sex, class, and race.

Monthly book club meetings are held focusing on queer literature, and they will rotate between novels that relate to the LGBTQ community. Movie screenings relating to these topics will also be held every two months, and everybody’s free to join. Social events are also held on occasion to allow members of the club to socialize with each other with food, drinks, and games.

Queer Book and Movie Club: Website

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