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Changi Airport’s Nostalgic Analogue Flight Displays Are Getting Retired & Engraved in S’pore’s History

The retirement of one of the two remaining iconic analogue information display boards at Changi Airport Terminal was met with a lot of dismay. In light of that, Changi Airport Group (CAG) and the National Heritage Board (NHB) have been working closely together to explore ways to preserve at least one of the airport’s beloved flip boards.

Thankfully, on 1 March 2020, it was announced these national treasures will be donated to NHB to form part of Singapore’s National Collection so your childhood memories never have to leave you.

Credit-Changi Airport Group

The flip boards were originally placed between check-in rows 9 and 10 of the airport’s  Terminal 2 Departure Hall. Unfortunately, de-installation was conducted in various stages in February as a result of challenges faced in maintenance as well as increased difficulties faced in sourcing for parts. Over 2,000 pieces of capsules, panels and casings – were documented by NHB and brought over to the storage facility for cleaning.

Credit-Changi Airport Group

The components will undergo a rigorous cleaning process for about six months before being transported to NHB’s Heritage Conservation Centre (HCC) to be included in the National Collection. Conservators at HCC will then meticulously assess the condition of the components of the flip board, and make the necessary recommendations required for conservation and storage. The future possibilities for display will then be further explored and announced once details have been confirmed.

Credit-Changi Airport Group

With the accession of the flip boards into NHB’s Heritage Conservation centre, the romance of travel in today’s highly digital age can continue to be captured in the way that is has been over the past decades. They played an essential role in Changi Airport’s history and will continue to be cherished by both past and future visitors of Changi Airport Singapore. May your heart stay young as NHB makes a continuous effort to preserve the memories of your past.

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