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Celebrate Women In Style With Pandora for UNICEF’s Charms For Change

Are you a sucker for charms and empowering women? Well, I am, and this latest collaboration between Pandora and UNICEF has me hooked. Under the #Charmsforchange initiative, Pandora has launched a new limited-edition charm to support UNICEF’s work to empower young voices and promote gender equality.

Credit-Pandora X UNICEF

This iconic collaboration aims to support women of all ages and empower them to make their own choices and achieve their dreams. The ‘We Can Do Anything’ charm is a call for unity. At the heart of its design, it aims to encapsulate self-awareness, exploring values and building self-confidence.

Credit-Pandora X UNICEF

The sterling silver design features compelling messages such as ‘The power is in me’ and ‘We can do anything’ engraved onto it. It is also fashioned with ‘Me’ and ‘We’ wordings embezzled in blue man-made crystals and cubic zirconia—letting the spirit of women shine. The charms accents the fact that together we hold the power to effect positive change.

Credit- Pandora X UNICEF

The limited-edition Pandora for UNICEF We Can Do Anything charm retails for S$89 at all Pandora stores and online from 5 March 2020 until 30 April 2020, subject to availability. With the remarkable rise in women standing up for themselves from all around the world within the past year, the charm gives you the perfect opportunity to show your support.

With this new collaboration, you can use it as a voice to show that you care for women and the rights that we deserve—for every small act brings with it a colossal difference.

If you miss the chance to cop yourself this charm, don’t fret. You can also check out other beautiful charms such as the All That We Love Spring 2020 collection or the Mulan collection to help you wear your heart out on your wrists and show the world the values that you stand for.

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