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Take A Night Ride On A Rainbow At Japan’s Yokohama Cosmoworld

Yokohama Cosmo World is a theme park in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. It features the ginormous Ferris wheel, the Cosmo Clock 21 that paints a prominent feature of the area’s skyline shining stunning LED lights observable at night that is sure to leave you mesmerized.

Credit-Yokohama Cosmo World

The amusement park is situated at the heart of the Minato Mirai district. Overall it is expansive, picturesque, and fun for the whole family with rides that cater to all ages.

It is located on both sides of the Ooka River’s mouth into Tokyo Bay, with a bridge connecting the mainland section with the Shinko Island section. The area is divided into three zones, categorized according to age-appropriateness. This way, you know exactly where to bring your kids to avoid having to hear them whine about not being able to go on rides.

Credit-Yokahoma Cosmoworld

What sets this major amusement park aside from others in the area such as Fuji-Q Highland and the Tokyo Disney park, is that the Yokohama Cosmo World has no entrance fee. Instead, customers pay for the individual ride or attraction, allowing for cheaper overall costs.

So, if you happen to already be there but don’t seem to be in the mood for rides, you don’t have to worry because you won’t be wasting any money anyway.

Credit-Yokohama Cosmoworld

What’s even more amazing is that the LED lights from the Ferris Wheel shine over onto the Diving coaster, creating a magnificent rainbow display that you can ride through.

The theme park is open from 11 am to 9 pm and the costs of the rides are approximately S$3 for children’s rides and S$9 for standard rides. If you’re not a fan of amusement parks in general, don’t fret. With its waterfront view from every angle, Cosmo World is scenic and beautiful by day, but also creates an astonishingly romantic ambience at night.

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