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Waze Underground Tunnel Mapping Comes to Southeast Asia With Malaysia As Its First Stop

Waze has gained global recognition for its paramount contribution in providing real-time information to the travelling public. They’ve taken it a step further and are now bringing their Underground Tunnel Mapping to Malaysia.


They’ve announced that they’re working with the Malaysian government to implement Waze beacons across the Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) highway and basement roads leading to car parks in the area.

The Waze beacons will provide Bluetooth signals to improve navigation in areas where GPS signals are limited. This, therefore, improves driver safety and provides better visibility of real-time traffic events.


Malaysia has the privilege of being the first Southeast Asian country to adopt this technology. It allows them to not only enhance their TRX road system which leads out to key exits but also create an all the more enjoyable road experience.

The implementation of this technology comes with strong hopes of potentially expanding into more areas nationwide. With this, convenience can be enjoyed on a larger scale—hopefully, one that’s large enough that Singaporeans will get to enjoy such perks in the future too.


If you’re afraid of having your data compromised, don’t worry. Waze has promised that these beacons will not collect any data so you can rest assured. The technology could also aid other navigation applications to navigate drivers where there are usually none or weak signals.

Wave’s Underground Mapping has proven successful in various other countries and covers about 260KM of tunnels and roadways worldwide. Be sure to download the application and ease your way through the TRX the next time you’re travelling through there.

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