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Celebrate Women with KEEN x Omas Hände’s Collab — Where comfort meets Elegance in Footwear

International Women’s Day is coming up this 8 March 2020. There’s truly no better way to celebrate this empowering day than with a ravishing collaboration with Women from all walks of life by KEEN X Omas Hände.

Credit-KEEN X Omas Hände

“Omas Hände” holds with it an earnest message as it translates to ‘By Granny’s Hand’ in German. The brand aims to beautifully embody and encapsulate the warmth, affection and care put into a grandmother’s handcrafting. Aki Yoneda—the designer and embroider of the collection— personally embroiders a selection of the clothing by hand, putting her heart and soul towards the craftsmanship of each piece.  

The footwear allows all ages to celebrate International Women’s day with sizes being available for both Women & Kids.

Credit-KEEN X Omas Hände

Pictured above is the simple but stylish UNEEK W- Safari/Multi that is retailing for S$159. It’s perfect for adventure whilst still maintaining elegance.

The NEWPORT H2 Kids – Safari/Multi retails at S$89 promising to leave your kid looking chic.

In this collaboration, elegance is paired with comfort on timeless footwear. Decorated with a mute safari tone and a vibrant speckled outsole, this hybrid footwear is perfect for the urban hustle and bustle.

Curious to know where you can get them? The collection debuts exclusively at the Outside Store – Paragon on the 7th March 2020 so be ready to snag yourself a pair when they’re finally released.

KEEN X Omas Hände | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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