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Bonafídes Spa Bust Care & Ovary Care Massages Pampers You Like a Queen

Tucked away in a corner in Ang Mo Kio Central lies a very unassuming neighbourhood spa, Bonafídes. Don’t let the facade of the shop front fool you, there’s a reason why amongst the saturated spa industry, Bonafídes still stands strong after more than 30 years.

Upon entry of the flagship outlet, I was immediately at ease and did not feel like a fish out of water, all thanks to the decor. Let me explain—most spas from personal observation, seem very intimidating. With very polished, clean and shiny surfaces, even if I were able to afford the services offered at these shiny spas, I would hesitate with the irrational fear of being judged or feel extremely out of place.

That was not the case with Bonafídes. The interior of this spa was extremely cosy, with cream coloured walls and a modern-looking front service desk. To the left was a glass-walled consultation room, then a wood panel door which separated the service area from the reception.

All of this was intentional, as Bonafídes wanted to exude homey and cosy vibes from the get-go, to set customers in a relaxing mood even before they get their massage or facial. This attention to detail already had me quite impressed. Coupled with the affordable prices that they offer for their services, this spa definitely appeals to young adults like myself.

Bonafídes understands that pushing and hard-selling spa packages are not appealing to those who want more control over when they want to treat themselves. This also reflects on how confident they are of their services, as they know that if their services are worth the money, customers will return.

With a selection of five facials under S$100, facial goers are spoilt for choice. The wallet-friendly prices definitely appeal to all, especially if you’re a student and yearn to treat yourself once in a while.

Credit – Bonafídes

Facial options include the 45-minute Vitalize Facial (S$60) for those who are on the go and can barely spare any time to take care of their skin, this facial will perk up your skin and leave you feeling refreshed before you jet off to your next appointment. Another option that is well suited for young working adults is the Glistening Eyes (S$60) facial. Heeding from 20 years of tried and tested techniques, this treatment will de-stress the eye area from the constant strain of staring at a computer screen.

Credit – Bonafídes

For my fellow lady friends out there, we’ve been told time and time again that the best way to take care of our bodies is through prevention and to start while we’re still young. The Bust Care and Ovary Care massages will do just that. With both treatments priced at S$128, in the grand scheme of things, that’s a small price to pay to take care of two very important parts of the body.

The Bust Care massage not only tones the bust but also improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage at the bust area. The Ovary Care massage will aid in the regulation of the woman’s hormonal system and aid in the overall health of the womb and ovaries.

On top of impressive services, Bonafídes boasts using beauty products from the brand BeautyMed which hails from France. Clients can be assured that BeautyMed products are fragrance-free and are largely free from paraben and colouring agents.

Credit – Bonafídes

On to the actual facial itself, if I could describe the experience in one word, it would be magical. I was treated to a custom AQ 4 In facial. As inferred from the name, four different products were used during the facial. A cleaning acid to first cleanse my face, followed by a balancing lotion, to counter the acid to ensure absolute hydration, then came a peal to remove the deep-rooted impurities, and finally a mask to boost the skin with nutrients.

As someone who struggles to relax, I was extremely surprised that the facial was so calming to the point of meditative. You know that comfortable feeling right before unconsciousness, where you can feel the heaviness of your body right before one falls asleep? That was what I experienced. The only reason I didn’t fall asleep completely was because of the cooling and unobtrusive sensations I felt on my face. I could literally feel the care and sincerity through Mikoi’s skilful hands as she did my facial.

I typically am indifferent towards facial treatments, but my experience was so good that I came out of the room thinking,’I would 100% pay good money for a facial like that again’. If you are one to be blasé about spas, I urge you to give Bonafídes a try. Attractive prices and impeccable service should more than motivate one to treat oneself. Beauty does not have to be expensive or pretentious—our 20s are the perfect time to take care of our bodies before it’s too late.

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