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7-11 Thailand Has Four New Adorable Hello Kitty Bottle Designs Retailing Right Meow

The Hello Kitty craze just never seems to end, with cuter, newer, and fresher merchandise hitting stores every now and then. Following the influx of Hello Kitty Merchandise just last month, 7-11 Thailand is once again here to please fans of Sanrio’s well-loved cat with 4 new Hello Kitty bottle designs that scream nothing but cute.

The collection features four transparent, sparkly, and pink-centric plastic bottles—and I’d expect no less of Hello Kitty merchandise. Adorned with glitter and mini baubles, each bottle also features a tiny figurine of Hello Kitty herself in different positions.

Talk about kawaii-desu.

The bottle caps are in the shape of Hello Kitty’s silhouette and perfectly encapsulates her sweet and lovable essence, complete with the signature bow on her left ear. And if that doesn’t flex how much of a fan you are, then I don’t know what will.

Resembling more of a baby rattle toy, the cute elements all work together to bring us a bottle that’s sure to turn heads when you take it out for a spin. And while you’re at it, why not do your part for the environment in style by opting to takeaway your favourite drink in this bottle instead of consuming single-use plastics?

The bottles retail for an affordable ฿129 (approx. S$5.74) at all 7-11 stores in Thailand, so if you’re heading there soon or know someone who is, you know who to call. Alternatively, have someone on Airfrov buy it back for you.

Price: ฿129 (approx. S$5.74)

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