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Backstreet Academy: Pick Up A New Skill With A Local Host On Your Next Holiday

Tired of tourist traps and overcrowded places on your vacation? Backstreet Academy is a website connecting you to a variety of truly local experiences.

You could learn to make a crossbow from a master craftsman in Luang Prabang, Laos; craft a traditional conical hat in Hanoi, Vietnam; and even personally pilot a plane in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

The type of involvement Backstreet Academy hopes to give is entirely hands-on, along with a personal connection to the hosts.

If a host is unable to speak English, a facilitator will accompany you to translate conversations so you can make the most of your time with them.

Backstreet Academy places a lot of emphasis on safety so facilitators are trained on handling emergency situations and are vetted beforehand. You can set your heart at ease and really enjoy yourself in an unfamiliar and exciting new environment.

Now, you know where to look for that awesome, once-in-a-lifetime experience while you’re on holiday!

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