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| On 1 year ago

Aladdin The Musical S’pore: An Astounding Show That Truly Brought Me To A Whole New World

Disney played a huge part in our childhood, at least for me. We are often left spellbound by the magical animated films when we were young. Well, here’s a piece of good news if you are a fan of Disney films – Aladdin The Musical has landed on Singapore’s shores. I checked out one of the shows and boy, it was one heck of a performance.

Credit – BASE Entertainment Asia

Aladdin The Musical, a hit Broadway musical, certainly lived up to pre-show expectations with a dazzling display of stage effects and soul-captivating theatrical performances. From the moment the lights were dimmed and the curtains raised, I knew I was set for a mesmerizing experience.

Stunning Visuals

Credit – BASE Entertainment Asia

Designed by a crew of multiple Tony Awards winners including scene designer Bob Crowley, lighting designer Natasha Katz and costume designer Gregg Barnes, the entire stage is stunningly transformed into the fictitious city of Agrabah. The elaborate designs of the costumes fit with a multitude of various fabrics, beads and even Swarovski crystals complement well with the colourful stage.

The stunning visuals of the production certainly made the audience sit up and take notice. However, the orchestra accompanying the musical makes this entire experience extra special. Be entertained with the medley of theme songs such as “Arabian Nights”, “Friend like Me” and “Proud of Your Boy” from beginning to end. It is breathtaking to see how the characters develop along with the matching musical pieces weaved in.

Credit – BASE Entertainment Asia

The popular “A Whole New World” song with the magic carpet scene left everyone astounded. On a suspended carpet that takes both Aladdin and Jasmine beneath a sky full of stars, it’s like a childhood dream come true. I never thought this scene from the animated film could be replicated with just props and theatrics but the team sure pulled it off in the most splendid fashion.

Character Performances

Graeme Isaako did an admirable job in portraying the role of Aladdin, capturing the essence of the lead character with boundless energy. Showcasing Aladdin’s playful nature as well as belting out smooth renditions of the classics from the film, his performance was definitely fitting of an iconic Disney Prince. Let’s not forget about Princess Jasmine where Shubshri Kandiah plays her role with a strong and feisty personality – the chemistry between the two main leads was just absolutely enjoyable.

Credit – BASE Entertainment Asia

Additionally, the limelight falls on Genie played by Gareth Jacobs. Showing off his flamboyant personality, Gareth completely bedazzled the audience with his energetic presence and powerful vocals.

His seamless breaking down of the fourth wall with witty jokes made the audience feel lovingly connected.

The principal cast also consists of Patrick R. Brown as Jafar and Doron Chester as Iago the parrot. Though portrayed as villains, the comical exchange from them work well and it is a testament to the wondrous chemistry between them.

There are some theatre adaptations from the original animation such as Abu, the pet monkey being replaced by Aladdin’s friends Kassim, Omar and Babkak. Still, the refined acting talents give this musical a fresh take without underdelivering.

Breathtaking Concept

Credit – BASE Entertainment Asia

The fluidity of the entire production and how much details were placed in it left a huge impression on me. There was not a part of the musical that was draggy and you just keep wanting to know what happens next. Furthermore, the small details in the production matter a lot. In the “Cave of Wonders” scene, even the echoes can be heard resonating through the hall and it gave an impression of being in the cave itself.

Aladdin The Musical certainly blew me away with everything. From the stunning aesthetics, melodious pieces and amazing choreography performed by the ensemble, everything was a joy to watch. Seeing classic childhood characters brought to life, it is an unforgettable experience indeed. I’m pretty sure that Aladdin The Musical will steal your hearts and be prepared to venture into a Whole New World.

Price: S$68 – S$152, depending on seating plan.

Show Dates & Hours: 21 July – 1 Sept 2019

Aladdin The Musical Singapore: Website | Facebook

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