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GE2020: 9 Party Essentials For Your Polling Day Festivities

10 July 2020—ever since its announcement, 10th July, aka Polling Day, has been the date to anticipate. Leading up to Friday, contesting candidates have been walking the ground, canvassing, and taking to social media platforms to campaign, seeing how COVID-19 has made elections a little different this year.

Citizens, likewise, find it hard to escape the “elections talk”, so we might as well embrace it. No matter who you’re rooting for, watching the results of the election can be an extremely exciting activity—the whole nation clinging to the edge of their seats, waiting with bated breath. So, why not make an event out of it? Political parties don’t have to be the only parties this election, you know.

Rally your five best politically diverse comrades, bust out the booze, and gather ‘round the TV. Here are some Polling Day party essentials that you’re going to want to stock up on before the election results hit us like a truck.

1. Spotify Playlists

Between the victories and losses, the live stream can get a tad boring at times especially when recounts are in progress. Fill in the silences with a dope Spotify playlist or these timeless political songs. Depending on which constituency you’re in (and your personal political stance), it might be useful to have these celebration or sad songs on hand to vibe to when the time calls for it.

2. Polling Day Zoom Backgrounds

Credit – Yeolo

If you’re staying on the safe side and are opting to watch the election results with your friends over Zoom (either that or you just can’t bear to kick out the 6th friend in your group even though everyone already knows it’s going to be Joel), perhaps you’ll find these virtual backgrounds handy.

Trust Tze Hern, or better known as YEOLO, to create top-notch quality content just in time for elections. He’s the gift that keeps on giving.

3. Betting chips

Credit – Unsplash

This one’s for the “opportunist” of any friend group. Yes, the one who sees every opportunity to make a quick buck, and takes it. Gather the group and place your bets every time the results for a constituency is about to be announced.

4. Fried Chicken

Credit – Unsplash

Be it Jollibee, KFC, 4 Fingers, or Texas, or Arnold’s, fried chicken is fried chicken. And to quote Dee Kosh, we’re all in a “long term, loving relationship with fried chicken”. No matter the occasion, the familiar crispy, juicy crunch is always a comfort for the soul. Because even if the voting results are a disappointment, fried chicken will never be.

5. East Coast by East Coast Merchandise

Credit – Singaplex

For my fellow voters in East Coast, we’re the chosen ones with an East Coast plan, and merchandise to go along with it. Don your East Coast T-shirts and hoodies, and keep your eyes peeled for the Nicole Seah and Heng Swee Keat showdown to come.

6. Tissue Paper

Credit – Unsplash

Naturally, most households would already have this essential good, I presume. But just in case you’ve been choping too many tables and forgetting to take your tissue packets with you, I suggest stocking up on a couple. Over the course of the night, someone is bound to spill a couple of drinks, or have tears that need to be wiped.

7. Booze

Credit – Unsplash

Of course, there’s no time more opportune for a drinking game than the day of election results. Take a shot every time the Returning Officer says “People’s Action Party”. This one’s for you, Jessica, who will grasp at any chance to get piss-a** drunk.

8. Balloons

Credit – Unsplash

Nothing sets the mood like brightly-coloured helium balloons peppering your ceiling. Order 50 balloons in your political party’s colour to show your support, and when all that’s over, popping them in a balloon fight with friends always sounds like a good idea.

9. BONUS: Yam Ah Mee GE 2011 Election Club Mix

This year’s Returning Officer is slated to be Tan Meng Dui. But, if like us, you’ll miss Yam Ah Mee’s iconic announcement styles, YouTuber FallenSuperheroSG has done the honours and compiled Yam’s best moments into a club mix for your enjoyment.

If you liked that, check out the rest of his relatable remixes in his So Singaporean! playlist.

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