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10 Places In Singapore To Escape To For Some Ultimate People-Free Alone Time

There are articles on where to go to spend time with your partner, where to bring your children, your family or your dog – but what if you want a place to enjoy on your own? Here’s a list of 10 special quiet places in Singapore, categorised by type of activity, for whenever you feel like you need a timeout from the world.

–Places To Say ‘FTS’!–

Low-EQ colleagues, pestiferous clients and your self-absorbed boyfriend often make you need some peace and quiet. But then it’s 11pm and your impetuous neighbours are now equipped with Popsicals that allow them to (in)conveniently karaoke anywhere, anytime!

So, for those of you who really need to get rage out of your system, this category is on its own because apparently, hurling things at walls and breaking stuff in public isn’t cool. And for thy sanity (because that’s totally what FTS stands for), you may need to go destroy sh*t.

1. The Fragment Room

We saw how excited y’all got about Singapore’s first room for mass destruction. For some extra damage, check in to see if you can bring your (soon-to-be) ex’s box of stuff with you.

Forget long deep breaths, and calming strolls along Singapore’s park-connectors. When you feel like breaking something, there is nothing more satisfying than actually breaking something – especially if that something is a karaoke set that you can pretend belongs to your neighbours.

Here’s the bad news: It’s pricey and IRL (in real life) you haven’t actually destroyed your neighbours’ karaoke nights. But the good news? This is the priciest option I’ve got for you on this list.

Price: $38 (30mins) to $220 (6omins)

The Fragment Room: 3 Balestier Road, Singapore 329671 | Opening Hours: 1pm – 10pm (Daily) | Tel: +65 6291 1519 | Website | Facebook | Bookings 

–Places To Unwind With Animals–

And no, I’m not talking about animal shelters, because you’ll find yourself making it a group activity, and this list is supposed to be particularly nice for going in it solo. Now, I don’t always have $200 lying around to go see my therapist for an hour, so if there is one thing I am morally obligated to share, it’s probably how I have kept myself alive.

Since the 1970s, a wealth of research has proven that being with animals has shown to increase levels of Oxytocin – the hormone that facilitates happiness and which also directly affects the body’s state of readiness to heal. So, here’s your “In Case Of Emergency” option, for the days where you’re battling an existential crisis.

2. Riding For Disabled Association (RDA)

Little Miss Sunshine enjoying some paddock time

Anyone in equestrian will tell you there is nothing more calming than walking into the smell of fresh hay and shavings, and noticing an absence of bustle. You’ll get that chance too, by offering to groom some of RDA’s horses.

Grooming encompasses anything from mucking out stables, to being taught how to shower, curry-comb, brush and pick out hooves. Curry-combing ponies is the equivalent of what we feel during a 90 minute massage – damn shiok.

You might have missed their recent Open House Carnival, but RDA always welcome new volunteers. This is just one part of Equine-Assisted Therapy you can start with.

And because they can’t always get hours of attention, some of the RDA’s 24 horses and ponies are going to be very grateful to you. It’s totally a win-win.

Price: Admission is free

Riding For the Disabled Association: 5 Jalan Mashhor Singapore 299174 | Opening Hours: 9am – 5.30pm (Weekdays) |Tel: +65 6250 0176 | Email: volunteer@rdasingapore.org.sg  | Website

3. Farmart Centre

Farmart Centre is an environment so far from city life that it feels like you’re not even in Singapore. Get up close and personal with goats (I’ll bet lots of you didn’t know about goats in Singapore), rabbits and frogs amongst other animals.

There’s a host of activities to do at Farmart Centre Singapore. But if all you really want is to feed a goat, without anyone trying to have a conversation with you, this is the place I’d come to. Hop onto a free shuttle bus from Choa Chu Kang and you’ve got your ride in.

Price: Admission is free

Farmart Centre Singapore: 67 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore 699008 | Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Sun – Thurs) | Tel: +65 6767 0070 | Website

4. S.E.A Aquarium

Water does a pretty good job at giving you quiet relaxing feelings. When it’s quiet, so does the S.E.A Aquarium.

Warning: Pick a very early weekday morning to come visit, because when you’re battling a crowd of tourists on a weekend and can’t even move, the last thing you’re going to feel is calm.

In the quiet of early mornings, sans noisy little kids smacking their hands on glass panes, one can properly take in the vastness that is the underwater world. No matter how many times you go, it always is quite an amazing realisation of how bright and colourful it can be down under.

Aside from the arch of underwater activity that happens overhead, there are also large empty spaces where you can sit, watching little fish go about their everyday fish lives.

Price: $30

S.E.A Aquarium: 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269 | Tel: +65 6577 8888 | Opening Hours: 10am – 7pm | Website | Tickets

–Places For Some Quiet (But Not Totally Alone) Time–

The sound of silence takes some getting used to – many of us are desperate for some quiet from Singapore’s constant cacophony, before realising we’re not used to the weird absence of bustling activity. So if you need a quiet spot with some amount of civilisation, this section is for you.

5. Riders Cafe @Bukit Timah Saddle Club

Nestled at the end of a winding road that opens into lush greenery, Riders Cafe offers the perfect aside from hectic work weeks. I admit, it’s very far out of the way, and you will not want to go in on foot. But pick a day to use your Grab/Uber discounts and treat yourself.

The scones here are hands down the best I’ve found in Singapore so far, and the al fresco seating options give you a cosy little nook for you to curl up in, away from the city’s bustle, and watch the world go by.

Of all the things that offer feelings of liberation, horses hanging out in paddocks or being free-schooled tops my list. You might not see the latter, but if you’re here, you might just be able to catch a chilled out horse or two just munching on grass.

Rider’s Cafe: 51 Fairways Drive Singapore 286965 | Opening Hours: 8am – 9pm (Sun – Thurs, Closed on Mondays) | Tel: +65 6466 9819 | Website

6. Library@Orchard

With gorgeous natural light, endless shelves of books and the smell of paper, this place is therapy for the soul. It makes me feel like Belle in Beauty And The Beast when he gifts her with an entire library. Heck, if anyone gave me a gift like that I’d be in love with them too.

Quietly occupying two levels, this is one of my top picks on the list, taking you away from the city while still being right in the middle of Orchard Road. Just go at an off-peak time so you don’t run into people taking pictures of themselves after finding out about how “Insta-worthy” it is.

Library@Orchard: 277 Orchard Road #03-12 / #04-11 OrchardGateway Singapore 238858 | Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm | Website

–Places With Beautiful Scenery–

Although known for being a “Garden City”, Singapore has limited places to go to if you want to leave the city behind and be one with nature. These places however, offer a sense of serenity for even the most flustered and overworked minds.

7. Jurong Lake Gardens

Tucked inside the furthest end of Singapore, this place boasts two themed gardens – one Chinese-themed and one Japanese-themed. Although Jurong Lake Gardens in its entirety will only be complete in 2018, most of it is already open to the public.

One of the major perks of being all the way out in the middle of nowhere is that it is less likely to be crowded. Unless you count the Herons, Egrets and Storks that make regular visits to this gorgeous lake.

You don’t have to be an avid birdwatcher to appreciate this space as there aren’t many other places that allow you a view, fresh air and a whole lot of peace and quiet.

Price: Admission Is Free

Jurong Lake Gardens: 1 Chinese Garden Rd, Singapore 619795 | Opening Hours: 5:30am – 11pm (Chinese Garden), 5:30am – 7pm (Japanese Garden) | Website

8. Singapore’s Last Kampong: Lorong Buangkok

Situated just off Yio Chu Kang Road lies Singapore’s very last Kampong, although I didn’t know this when I first stumbled into it. This quickly has become my favourite running route because of its unpaved roads and how it reminds me of villages in the mountains of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Take a walk into 1950s Singapore and literally feel like you’re going through a time warp – a world that existed before computers, iPhones and the endless rat race we’re all trying to get to the end of.

Lorong Buangkok: Lorong Buangkok Singapore 539748 (just off Gerald Drive)

9. Lower Seletar Reservoir Park

The roads leading into Lower Seletar Reservoir Park are surrounded by trees and feel briefly like a drive through the countryside. Pop out the other end and if you’re lucky enough, catch the sunset as it spills light onto the reservoir.

Lower Seletar Reservoir is one of the quietest of quiet spots in Singapore. Yes, there’re other reservoirs and parks, but maybe because it’s lesser known, it is most often disarmingly and comfortingly empty.

This place has spectacular views, making it perfect for a stroll or to sit and be pensive. In fact, don’t say I told you this but, if you ever need a desperate escape from work, this is the place I’d come to.

Lower Seletar Reservoir Park: Connected by Yishun Ave 1 and Lentor Avenue | Website

10. Kallang River

I saved the best for last, and this is by far my favourite on the list.

Okay, I admit, Kallang River is not say the prettiest river you’ll ever see, but if you would like to embark on a solo activity that allows you a panoramic, scenic view, you’ve got it. If you want to be really alone, rent a single kayak and paddle out as far as you can.

The vast expanse of water is always a good reminder that no matter how big or insurmountable our problems seem, they’re only an itsy bitsy piece in the grand scheme of things. You might still see the concrete jungle but it’s far enough away, and you won’t hear a thing.

Here, it feels like the world can’t touch you.

Imagine being on a tiny little boat in the middle of the ocean, not knowing where you’re going but being completely okay with that. Kallang River probably looks like a puddle compared to the ocean, but we take what we can get in the middle of a city hey?

Then, just close your eyes and float.

Price: $12 for two hours

Singapore Sports Hub Water Sports Centre: 8 Stadium Walk Singapore 397699 | Opening Hours: 7am – 8pm (Mon to Sun) | Website 

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