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Yes, Essential Oils Aren’t Just for Anti-Vaxxers—a Brief Guide to Young Living’s Scent Collection

The world of essential oils might be foreign to most of us, especially since it has the propensity to be dangerously associated with the atrocity that are ‘anti-vaxxers’. Contrary to popular belief, essential oils make for great companions due to the huge array of benefits they behold. Young Living is a brand that’s dedicated to bringing the wonders of essential oils to users through their aromatic and nifty products.

Backed with 3 power-packed scents—Lemon, Peppermint, and Lavender, Young Living hopes that users will uncover the joys and functionalities of using essential oils with each one. What I personally love about Young Living is the fact that their scents are unpretentious and simple—what you see is quite literally what you get.


With its invigorating zest, the Lemon scent is a classic tangy one that you’ll never go wrong with. It is said to help with focus upon diffusion, slow aging when used in tandem with beauty products, and finally, who knew that lemon oils were great for removing adhesives?


As one of the oldest and highly regarded herbs, the Peppermint scent has been around for as long as anyone can remember, and as it seems, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Due to its cooling properties, peppermint is great for a chill time when added to a bubble bath, and even helps the user to relax when applied to fatigued areas after an intense workout.


Lavender is no stranger to the typical home, and is a great scent to start with for new users of essential oils. Its fresh and floral notes make it a quick favourite amongst users of all ages and genders alike. Apart from soothing minor skin irritations, Lavender oil also aids in slowing down the aging of skin, as well as in reducing the appearances of blemishes on one’s skin.

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