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6 Reasons Why Yoon Salon Is The Parlour For All Your Needs

With lengthy, flowy, and bleached tresses, I’m probably that person who desperately needs as much help with maintaining my hair as I can get. It’s not easy—trying to always have my tresses on point at all times especially in Singapore’s relentless heat.

As if that isn’t enough of a struggle on its own, breaking the bank is also something that I worry terribly for. As we all know, hair care isn’t the cheapest thing in the world, and not to mention all the different treatments and services that we have to pay for.

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If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for any hair service or treatment under the sun, Yoon Salon might just be your answer. With a vast range of services that meets even the toughest of needs, we’re quite sure you’ll be able to find something that’s up your alley. Here are 6 treatments and services to try while you’re paying a visit to the parlour.

1. Hair Regrowth Treatment by Yoon Salon

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Scalp issues are actually more common than we think, and it can be tricky to solve because of how hard to reach it is. Given our weather, many Singaporeans suffer from oily and sensitive scalp, but there are also a handful with scalps on the drier side. The latter can be an embarrassing and annoying issue especially since it leads to flakes on the scalp, more often than not.

At YOON, a stylist will first analyse the condition of your scalp. Following that, he or she will exfoliate your scalp skin to get rid of all the unwanted sebum. A treatment will then be performed to hydrate, nourish and nutritionally boost your scalp.

After the process, a lymphatic massage will be done on your scalp for a soothing finish. Boosters that can be applied to your scalp weekly are also provided. These boosters are handed over to you as a complimentary gift to promote hair care.

The end result should see a dandruff-free, oil-controlled, and generally healthier scalp. Cleanse, purify, and nourish your scalp all while removing the built-up dirt and sebum in a relaxing and comfortable way.

2. Premium Creative Colouring

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Instead of just your usual one-toned colouring, stand out from your peers with YOON’s Creative Colouring services where you’ll get to have a balayage, ombre, or highlights done by professional and competent stylists.

Find a suitable dye or gradient that’s suitable for your skin tone through consultation with their in-house stylists. The stylist will first select and blend multi-tonal dyes in order to create high-quality colours.

Then, the dye will be carefully applied to your tresses, as per the desired look. After the manual colouring process, allow a thermal machine to do the magic for you. This step aids the hues of your chosen dye to deeply penetrate into each strand.

The end result will be soft and vibrant locks that remain undamaged despite the colouring process. While you’re at it, try the trendy half-half or e-girl hairstyles.

3. Premium Perming

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The world of perming can be another realm altogether, especially with all the different types and terminology. At YOON, from the Korean S-Curl, C-Curl Perm to the Root Volume Perm, various options are offered. All you have to do is to bring along a few screenshots of your favourite perm look and their stylists will do wonders for you.

A perming solution will be utilised by the stylist to loosen the bonds of your hair. He or she will then reshape your locks into curls. Get ready to see the beautiful transformation of your locks.

Once your tresses are curled, the stylist will apply an oxidation lotion to them as a hydration and strength booster. At the end of the treatment, you should see natural-looking yet bouncier and smoother curls.

4. Hair Defrizzing Treatment

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I think I speak for everyone when I say that most of us could desperately use rescuing, where our tresses are concerned. It’s hard—maintaining silky smooth, hydrated, and tangle-free locks at all times. In this economy? Hardly.

Whether it’s defrizzing, repairing, glossing, strengthening, or smoothening you’re hoping to achieve, there’s a treatment for every need.

A stylist will first apply a Primer to your locks to enhance the procedure’s overall effect. Next, they will infuse your locks with an essence, to smoothen, strengthen, and repair the cuticle layer in your strands.

After the procedure, your stylist will coat the strands with a sealing serum, leaving you with tamed, silky, and frizz-free locks.

5. Premium Wash and Blow

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Don’t underestimate the basics of the humble wash and blow. It might be unassuming, but it’s the ABCs of hair care that’s more fundamental than you might realise.

To start, a stylist will first perform a deep cleanse on your tresses, followed by a head and shoulder massage. This massage mainly eases your muscle tightness. When you walk out of the salon after a premium wash and blow session, you will indeed feel a sense of rejuvenation.

Your locks will then be blown dry with controlled heat, to increase shine and smoothness. Afterwards, have your tresses professionally styled to a look of your choice.

6. Premium Creative Hair Shaping

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You’ve seen the perm, now let us interest you in the classic rebonding. YOON offers two types of rebonding—the Volume S-Curl Rebonding and Volume C-Curl Rebonding.

Stylists will first apply a straightening serum to the top portion of your mane. And then the hair will be professionally straightened.

Next, the stylist will apply a perming blend to the bottom portion. The curling process will then begin. After the shaping process, an oxidation serum will be applied to your crown to strengthen the strands again, as with the perming process.

Look forward to easier-to-manage and well-shaped locks while maintaining the volume you desire.

With these 6 treatments, there’s really no reason for your crown to go without pampering nor for you to miss out on luscious tresses anymore.

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