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Delve Into This Dark Music & Arts Festival On 10 – 12 & 24 – 26 Aug At Apollo Bay, Australia

This isn’t just any arts and culture festival. Think Wonderfruit, but darker.

WinterWild will be happening on two weekends, 10 – 12 and 24 – 26 August 2018 at Apollo Bay, Australia. Get your hearts pumping with experiential artworks, live pyrotechnic performances and music!

Apollo Bay is known as a summer haven, but during winter, its wild side emerges. This festival takes place over two weekends, and the first weekend’s theme is ‘Death’ while the second is ‘Birth’. How much more ominous can it get?

My favourite highlight on the first weekend is The Subject, which will feature a live art performance manipulating elements such as fire, water, lights, sound and dance to create the feel of a dystopian future.

What’s more intriguing is that unlike your usual staged performances where audiences are seated, you’ll have to watch it through the windscreens of your vehicles.

The event aims to immerse individuals in the elements of the weather, so bring along your parkas, umbrellas, and jackets!

If you think you’re up to venture across the fringes of what winter provides and explore what the dark arts have to offer, trade your soul for WinterWild tickets and let your journey begin…

Dates & Times: 10 – 12 & 24 – 26 August 2018, various timings for individual events

Prices: Free Admission (selected events), From AUD10 (approx. S$10.10) for ticketed events| Refer to website for more pricing details

WinterWild Apollo Bay: 100 Great Ocean Road, Apollo Bay, Victoria 3233, Australia | Website | Facebook | Tickets

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