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| On 3 years ago

10 Nail Wrap Brands Available In Singapore To Try For Your Next DIY Manicure

Beauty comes at a hefty price; S$60 to be exact if we’re talking manis and pedis. But luckily for us, the manicure scene has changed, and we no longer have to spend a week’s worth of lunch money just for the sake of pretty nails.

For the uninitiated, Nail Wraps are basically stick-on sheets that are applied directly onto the nail for that manicured finish. After application, simply file the excess portions downwards and voila, perfectly manicured nails done in just minutes.

I’ve rounded up 10 Nail Wrap Brands that you can turn to the next time you’re looking to get a makeover for your nails during one of your Netflix sessions.

1. Nodspark

Currently the only local nail wrap brand on this list, Nodspark is helmed by three ex-colleagues-turned-good-friends.

As depicted, they keep their variety wide in order to cater to all ages, tastes and preferences. From cute pineapple tarts to sophisticated marble and glitter, you’ll surely find something that catches your eye (and heart).

We tried out the Yellow Sensu (S$15) and what we loved about it was the easy application process. The underside wasn’t excessively gummy, so it doesn’t leave your fingers all sticky afterwards.

Filing off the excess was super easy as well, and it came off very cleanly. My colleague loved the end product; who would’ve thought that nail art was achievable in 10 minutes?

Price: S$15 | Website | Facebook | Instagram


NCLA is no stranger to nail care, but I wasn’t aware that they had us covered sticker-wise too. Here’s the Vectorscope (S$18) which resembles the familiar ‘No Signal’ sign that we used to see on television back in the day.

I was disappointed that it only came with a tiny nail buff, considering the price tag. Also, the ends of the sticker that are supposed to fit into your nails were slightly too round, not taking into account that most nails have slight square curvatures.

I was, however, impressed by the little tabs at the end that allow for ease when peeling the stickers off, so we weren’t left squinting our eyes while desperately looking for the edges to peel.

When put into action though, they failed to stay on my colleague’s nails for long, and by the time I was done with the last nail, the first one had already flapped up. Perhaps it was just an old stock, or perhaps NCLA needs to rethink their quality control.

Price: S$18 | Website | Facebook | Instagram

3. Personail

Hailing from Australia, Personail has been a brand that I adore simply because of their designs that are just too cute to resist.

Just one out of the many that I ordered, the Flamingo (AUD 17.99 , approx. S$18.24) is one of my favourite prints from them.

Their packaging is pretty similar to Nodspark’s, and the set comes with a pretty pink nail buff. I have to admit that it’s a little pricey, but they lasted for approximately two weeks, making it well worth my money.

All in all, if your idea of happiness is having multiple pink furry flamingos quite literally at your fingertips, then this should be fun for you.

Price: S$18.24 | Website | Facebook | Instagram

4. The Face Shop

The Face Shop really has everything beauty related, including these Charming Sticker Nails (S$4.90). It could be due to their economies of scale, but I was pleasantly surprised at how low these were priced.

…And then I found out why. Application-wise, it was relatively fuss-free, but it was getting them to stay on that was the problem. The wraps had an almost papery texture, explaining the difficulty for them to stay down.

These blue stripes matched my colleague’s hair really well, but unfortunately didn’t make it to the next day.

Price: S$4.90 | Website | Facebook | Instagram

5. Coconut Nail Art by Incoco

I heard that Incoco’s Coconut Nails are a big thing in Japan, so I had to check it out for myself. I managed to snag a box of this at Tokyu Hands Singapore.

The set comes with a nail file kit and 12 double-ended strips, so your margin for error is pretty narrow. The packaging was really hard to open, so if you have an existing manicure on before this, I’m almost certain it’ll get ruined with all the tugging.

After peeling off the protective layer, we realised that it was shinier than it appeared to be at first and almost had an opalescence glow to it.

Though it looked fairly pretty, there was a strong acetone smell which kinda turned us off, because then it defeats the purpose if you’re using nail wraps to avoid the pungent scent.

I really digged the pearly finish of the end product but the road to getting here was pretty tough. It was so thin that it crinkled at even the slightest touch, so you have to be really careful when you peel it off, especially since you only have two buffer pieces.

Price: S$15.90 | Website | Facebook | Instagram

6. XT Nail

XT Nail isn’t a very prominent player in the scene, but some of their designs were attractive enough to make me want to give them a try, like these Navy Deco (S$14.90) ones right here.

There isn’t a protective layer, so it’s literally just a peel-and-paste motion, which was simple enough.

The placement of each design was pretty good too, considering how even those with short nails still get the bulk of the prints on their nails.

Then came the loophole to the otherwise seemingly good quality — crinkles. Unfortunately, it didn’t take to the layer of top coat very well and (ironically) started crinkling and creasing.

By the end of the day, they were all shrivelled up and my colleague had no choice but to peel them all off. A shame, really.

Price: S$14.90 | Website

7. SASA Cosmetics

Ah, the classic Sasa Cosmetics that houses an amalgamation of beauty brands, though some are pretty questionable. I was expecting to get their nail foils for a couple of bucks, but instead, this cost me S$6.90.

The set comprises 12 pieces of wraps and a complimentary nail buffer.

For me, the only good thing that came out of the package was the sleek nail buffer that was much easier to use and get to hard-to-reach areas compared to the others that usually come with the set.

Not to mention that the design can’t get any tackier? (Bear in mind that this was most decent design there was.)

Price: S$6.90 | Website | Facebook | Instagram

8. Ezbuy

As we all know, Ezbuy (or Taobao) seems to be the source of all things good and cheap, including these Nail Polish Foil Art Stickers (S$4 including agent and shipping fee).

I’m surprised to say that the fit, application process and finish were all really great, and putting these on was but a three-minute affair.

The reason why these are so great is that it’s impossible to achieve the shiny, golden finish with nail polish alone, and can probably only be done through stickers like these.

Prices: S$4 | Website

9. Glossyblossom

Korea’s homegrown beauty brand, Glossyblossom has their fair share of show-stopping designs too, from flashy glitter to simple french tips.

The Flamboyant Milky White Bow Tie (₩9,900, approx. S$11.95) was a great balance between minimalistic chic and bold.

The end product was pretty impressive, but getting here took more effort than I’d like. Glossyblossom’s stickers were much thicker than average, so buffing them off was a problem too.

More than once, I found myself yanking the edges off, which definitely isn’t ideal if you want a consistent, rounded finish.

Price: S$11.95 | Website | Facebook | Instagram

10. Qoo10

Winning hands down for the cheapest amongst my 10 picks, these Mickey Minnie Nail Wraps (S$1.90) arrived looking better than I thought.

I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting much out of nail stickers that cost less than what I would get at Daiso, but they have since far exceeded my expectations.

They even have little markings at the edge of each piece that informs the user of the sticker diameter so that they can make a better choice when it comes to matching the pieces to their nail sizes.

This is so impressive because you don’t see it in even the most expensive brands, those that leave it up to agar-ation, at best.

The faces of Mickey and Minnie rest nicely from the cuticle, making it look as if they were peeking out from your nails.

We get it, stripes and cartoons can get a little *too much* for all 10 nails, so just pick two – three nails to stick them on and leave the rest out. Mixing them up with plainer, more solid colours will give your nails the added pop that you’ve been seeking.

Price: S$1.90 | Website

– –

Concluding this list, my TL;DR is: I really dig Nodspark, Personail and Ezbuy’s nail wraps, and personally feel that they’re the only ones worth investing in.

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