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Marvel At A Great Poo With This Winnie The Pooh Pooh Figurine – Pre Order Available Now

Sometimes people just like to take genuinely adorable things and ruin them. This is such a time. American artist Alex Solis has launched a spoof Winnie The Pooh Pooh figurine that has taken everyone’s favourite honey-loving bear and added a twisted sense of poo humour.

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This five-inch resin figurine showcases Winnie The Pooh in his usual red shirt taking a dump with a constipated grimace on his face, a far cry from the usual smile that we are so used to seeing.

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You might be curious about the smile and where did it go to, well it’s not entirely gone — the poop shown at the other end of this figurine is the smiling face of Winnie The Pooh. Words cannot begin to describe the mind that came up with this concept.

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I am sure most of us have not seen such a sanitary take to Winnie The Pooh before and it is one unique collection that you can have, just for laughs. This little original figurine is available for pre-order now here and there are only limited amounts for it. Grab it while stocks last!

Price: US$75  (S$103.50) 

Winnie The Pooh Pooh Figurine: Website

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