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Confessions Of A ‘Running Man’: 5 Reasons Why We Pay To Run In Marathon Races

Everyone knows of someone that’s addicted to pounding the pavement, hitting the track for a plain and simple running. Something so natural, yet the mere mention and thought of doing it is able to make some people weak in the knees and lethargic, which is quite the opposite of what happens post-run.

Perhaps you have a loved one that you feel should be in the runners’ equivalent of alcoholics anonymous, as they slip out of bed quietly in what is perceived as the middle of the night for many but,  its morning and time to “rise and grind” for them.

As you read on, I’ll try to make all the head scratching that is induced from wondering what compels someone to fork out their hard earned money to run, when they could do it for free, which makes a little more sense.

1. We Love Competition

Running with friends casually simulates competition without the cost, no? Think of all the money you could save right?

Wrong. Running with the same people is like beating the same level over and over again in a game, it gets a little dull after awhile. At an organised race however, you can silently take pleasure, or there grunting and making audible noises as they pass other runners, digging into their primal instincts to exhibit dominance – eat my dust!

2. We Dig the Masochistic Pleasure

Everyone has their vices, fetishes and whatever floats their boat. Sure, regular exercise is more of a need and physical activity that releases endorphins (happy hormones) or something along those lines.

But, what if the pain was what we’re really in it for? The burning sensation that spreads through every fibre of your being, lungs on fire, the risk of spewing a vomit cocktail increasing as you push yourself towards the finish line. Think of it as the climatic end to what is often a three hour plus ordeal.

3. Collecting Race Souvenirs

Just more things to fill up the void in our lives. I kid. Collecting race bibs, medals and t-shirts helps us remember every run like it was yesterday.

A wall plastered with bibs, or medals draped across makes a great conversation starter. Telling them about the race that nearly killed us, or the one that we swore would be the last but, there has been 10 more races since.

4. Putting Our Running Gear To Use

Shoes. There’s a pair for various terrain, distances, racing, training and just in case every colourway of the same model, because if you can’t be number one, at least look the part.

Now what’s the point of purchasing all those new skittle-coloured running shoes if you’re not going to sign up for a race to show them off to the hundreds and thousands of fellow runners? Don’t just wear them as a fashion, make good use of them, or at least honour the ones that took months to design them to be perfect for running.

5. Peer Pressure Keeps You Fit

The best part about socialising and having friends: peer pressure. Mid race we often wonder how we ended up in this special bit of hell on Earth. Why did I sign up for this? Who talked me into this?

Flashback to a few months ago, life was good, life was pain-free and technology had made travelling more than a 500 metres on foot ludicrous. However, your friend convinced you to part with your money to show the rest of your soft and feeble peers how physically capable you are.

To all runners out there, whether you’re gunning for gold or just enjoying the sport for whatever personal reason, as long as it isn’t hurting you (waking up in debilitating pain?) or those around you, keep doing what you do!

And for those left who wonder, hopefully this article has left you less puzzled and more certain that everyone is crazy.

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