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Make Carrying a Watermelon a Fashion Statement With This Leather Bag Designed by Japanese Craftsmen

So, you’ve just snagged yourself a prize-winning watermelon from Don Don Donki big enough to feed your family of four for the week. As you’re packing your items at the bagging station, the horror soon creeps in—you’re going to have to lug all 11 kilograms of the sweet goodness precariously through one of the store’s thin yellow plastic bags.

Credit – Tsuchiya Bag Co.

Well, if you’ve ever found yourself wishing for an invention to address this exact grievance, it’s a wonderful time to be alive. Japanese leatherworking brand, Tsuchiya Bag Co., has taken one for the team and designed a bag specifically for carrying the fruit that we Asians know and love so dearly.

Credit – Tsuchiya Bag Co.

The bag, which is launched under the brand’s “The Fun of Carrying” collection, is made from full high-quality Italian Vaqueta leather and lined with pigskin suede on the inside. These materials were specially chosen for durability and flexibility, your two golden rules when carrying something as heavy as a watermelon.

In a brief one and a half minute-long video, the crafters demonstrate how this cute contraption came to be. Documented in the video is the process of fastening the various parts together, sewing the panels together, and more.

If you’re a sucker for satisfying videos, then be sure to catch the part where he slots the watermelon in and tucks it snugly as he buttons the bag up. A wholesome video through and through.

The bag is currently not up for sale yet, but you can catch a glimpse of it for yourself at Tsuchiya’s Shibuya and Roppongi shops in Tokyo.

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