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Virtualise yourself with Facebook’s newest avatar and sticker creator

As children, we’ve all either spent hours customising our character on RPG games or dressing up our toy dolls—an ode to the fact that human beings have a deep-seated fascination with customising characters of themselves. As we get older and more sophisticated, our technological habits change, but this allure still remains in the advent of social media avatars.

Snapchat started it all in 2007 with Bitmoji, followed by Apple’s Memoji, and today, a new social media giant has entered the scene—Facebook. With this new feature that can be found on the latest Facebook mobile app, you can now create a virtual character of yourself.

Credit – Facebook

To access the avatar creator is easy—simply click the menu button (marked as three lines on the bottom right for iOS users, and top right for Android users) and click “See Less”. You can find the avatar creator in the drop down menu under the option called “Avatars”.

The creator is super easy to use, and takes me back to my childhood—one of my favourite video games was The Sims (and still is). There are a vast variety of options available for complete control in customising your character—over 27 different skin tones, 110 hairstyles, 10 different types of eyewear and over 72 different outfits to choose from.

Credit – Facebook

With such an iron grip over the customisation of your character, you can create a truly accurate avatar of yourself—capturing all your tiny details like a face mole, down to your nose ring. Facebook’s Avatar creator also automatically generates stickers for you featuring your avatar, so you can express yourself on Facebook in your own, unique way.

Try it out for yourself—you can also use these stickers on other social media apps like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Mail.

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