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Virtual Room Singapore: The Ultimate Mind-Boggling VR Experience

VR games aren’t limited to mindless zombie shooting games and slashing blocks according to the rhythm. They can also be used to give an immersive, mind-boggling experience like no other.

I like a challenge, so I gathered my colleagues and headed down to Virtual Room in Chinatown. The gameplay is unique to Virtual Room outlets and in Singapore, this is the only place where you can experience it.

Virtual Room occupies literally the whole Basement 3 of Lucky Chinatown, occupying every shopfront on the floor. Not only does it have 22 rooms to play in, but it also has a large waiting room as well as a photobooth. Each room is designed for only one player, so you won’t be bumping into others. Don’t miss your friend, your teammates will be able to communicate with you in the game through the in-game-microphone.

Before the game commences, the staff will explain the rules and then proceed to bring your team to individual rooms. You will be then linked up with the VR system. Be sure to let the friendly staff know if the headset is too uncomfortable for you, as you will be wearing it for an extended period of time. Don’t worry about running into the walls during your session, Not only are the walls cushioned, but there is also a red border in-game that you will see should you get too close to the physical walls in the room.

As it was our first time at Virtual Room, the staff chose the easier of their two chapters of the game for us to play. The game is virtually an escape room, and you are on a journey through different eras of time with puzzles that you and your team have to work together in order to solve within a stipulated time limit.

I won’t go too much into details of the game so as to not spoil your fun, but I will add that there are a few actions required—shooting arrows, throwing equipment, and pushing blocks around. I was surprised at how immersive this game was as I actually found myself tired from performing some of these tasks

If you get stuck on a puzzle, don’t worry as the staff who is watching you play from their screen will communicate with through your headset and offer subtle hints.

40 long minutes later, we completed the game with a little help from the staff. At the very end of the game, you get to take virtual selfies with an in-game selfie stick with your teammates amongst the cool in-game backdrops. These pictures will then be sent to your email. My favourite has definitely got to be the one on the moon. I was expecting our real faces to be superimposed onto the character’s masks, however, it seems that VR technology has not reached that level of advancement yet.

Overall, Virtual Room proved to be a unique experience on its own as compared to other VR places in Singapore. You won’t find VR classics such as Beat Saber here, however, what you’ll find is an enriching experience and a sense of accomplishment once you’ve beaten a chapter of the game.

A trip to Virtual Room is definitely worth it for someone who is seeking out a challenge and proves to be a very engaging activity, especially for a company team bonding event. However, do note that Virtual Room is limited to its one proprietary game which has only two levels. A third one is in development and I am sure it will be something that you can look forward to once it is released. I hope that Virtual Room will continue expanding its game library so that it does not remain stagnant with the advancement in VR technology, and that guests will have more options to choose from and return to try out this mind-boggling VR experience.

Price: S$44/game (Monday to Thursday, 10am – 5pm) , S$49/game (5pm – 10pm daily)

Operating hours: 10am- 10pm

Virtual Room Singapore: Basement 3, Lucky Chinatown, 211 New Bridge Road, Singapore 059432
| Website | Tel: 6966 8060

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