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Japan’s Cosmetic Brand PLAZA X Kellogg’s Launch Frosted Flakes Cereal Makeup Packaging

Cereal can be considered one of the more affordable breakfast go-to’s.

Well, this packaging collaboration between Japanese makeup brand PLAZA x Kellogg’s could turn your breakfast option from affordable to cereal-ly over budget.

PLAZA selected six products off their best-selling cosmetics list to incorporate the iconic Frosted Flakes’ tiger, Tony, into their packaging.

Credit – PLAZA

The Too Cool For School Art Class bronzer by Rodin , JPY2052 (approximately S$26) will let you chisel those cheekbones and add some colour into your pale cheeks. There’s a brush that comes with the product too, all ready for you to dip into its tri-coloured pan.

Credit – PLAZA

If you’re looking for a dewy finish on your face, the MISSHA M Cushion Foundation, JPY1080 (approximately S$14) might be just what you need.

It comes in two shades; No.21 (light skin) and No.23 (natural skin).

Credit – PLAZA

Sign+ Systematic Multi Oil, JPY1620 (approximately S$21) is a multi-functional product that works for both your body and hair. It acts as a styling agent and an after-shower moisturiser for your hair.

Plus you don’t have to worry about the oily residue on your hands because it acts as a hand moisturiser as well!

Credit – PLAZA

We’re all out here trying to keep the hair frizz in check. The &honey Hair Oil , JPY1512 (approximately S$20) focuses on restoring moisture that’ll leave your hair glossy enough to do those commercial hair flips, maybe?

Credit – PLAZA

If you’re looking for an affordable setting powder, you can consider the CHACOTT Finishing Powder, JPY 1620 (approximately S$21). Made for professionals, the fine powder gives you a flawless finish, covers the skin’s irregularities and brightens up dullness.

PLAZA x Kelloggs also added a toothpaste and toothbrush travel combination into their collaboration. This set costs JPY1296 (approximately S$16).

Credit – PLAZA

Made up of vinyl and mesh, you don’t have to worry about your wet toiletries fogging up your pouch if you’re in a last-minute packing frenzy.

Currently, the &honey Hair Oil, Sign+ Multi Oil and Toothbrush Travel Pack are sold out. So, if you’re looking to get your hands on this limited-edition collection, don’t hesitate.

Besides, it’s the only breakfast you won’t have to get up early to prepare.

PLAZA x Kelloggs | Website

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