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| On 1 year ago

S’porean Sells Food Turned Fashion With Kit-Kat Hair Clips, Samyang Ramen Earrings & More

I’m constantly eating. I bet you are too especially when it gets to that weird mid-afternoon, low productivity stage.

Yet you’re slowly realising that you’re growing sideways and your stomach’s suffering from all the weird food you’ve been eating.

Then, maybe you should pay a visit to Singapore-based Instagram-retailer @kueylapis to appreciate her food-themed accessories for sale instead.

These unique creations are tempting my tastebuds and they’re not even real.

They’re definitely a statement addition to any wardrobe but if you’ve got that undying appreciation for food, flaunt it!

These Samyang noodle earrings (S$8) will even spare you multiple trips to the toilet and the doctor; unless you consume the earrings which I highly do not encourage.

Clip these Kit-Kat and Ovaltine chocolates (S$6) into your hair (or your bag!) as a reminder that you need to not only curb your milk tea addiction and go on a diet.

Two clips go for just S$8.

If food isn’t your thing (are you even human?), then maybe you’ll settle for this pair of dim sum tray earrings (S$8) and stay hydrated with these water bottle earrings (S$8).

There’s also an odd pair of cigarette earrings.

@kueylapis sells patches and other quirky products too, so do visit her page and #supportlocal!

Kueylapis | Instagram

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