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This Udon Blanket In Japan Lets You Sleep Better With 5 Udon Modes

If you’re constantly hungry at night and the thought of food is causing you insomnia, I suggest you splurge and get this udon blanket. It might just solve your sleeping problems too.

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The “sleeping udon” as it’s been dubbed by popular head therapy shop, Goku No Kimochi, is designed to provide you with a good night’s sleep by providing good sleeping postures.

It’s made up of vertical and horizontal noodles that can be freely connected which means you get a truly flexible sleeping posture that doesn’t disrupt your sleep cycle- five different sleeping postures to be exact.

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The five modes include ‘udon-udon mode’, ‘elegant wrapped mode’, ‘foot pillow mode’, ‘dakimakura mode’ and ‘sleeping smartphone mode’. Poke out your feet whenever you’re too warm, or hide under the strands if it gets too cold. The Sleeping Udon is supposedly cooler in summer and warmer in winter versus a quilt blanket.

It’s also easy to wash since the noodles can be separated, detached and compacted to fit into your washing machine.

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The only downside is that it’ll set you back a whole lot of money – JPY16,800 (approximately S$220, inclusive of tax) to be exact.

Who needs a boyfriend pillow when this blanket-pillow-futon contraption can basically give you noodles (oodles) of love?

The third batch of ‘sleeping udon’ will be released on August 20th 2019 and there’s currently a four-months waiting list.

Sleeping Udon: Website

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