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| On 2 years ago

World’s Only Solar-Powered Sunscreen Dispensing Kiosk In Sentosa Will Save Your Skin & Money

It’s getting increasingly hotter as August goes by. Yet, despite the comforting allure of air-conditioning in the office, we want to get out to see daylight.

I feel like I’m getting skin cancer by the second, especially with the heat. On top of that, sunscreen bottles have never been cute or remotely travel-sized.

Thank goodness for the new No-Fry Zone kiosks in Sentosa. Cheap sunscreen!

Credit – NoFryZone

Pioneered by 40-year old entrepreneur Dennis Soon, these sunscreen dispensing kiosks can be found in Sentosa Island’s Tanjong and Siloso Beaches.

Credit – NoFryZone

Inspired by the Giant Supertrees in Gardens by The Bay, this Instagram worthy sunscreen kiosk is made up of three solar panels with LED lights around it.

Yes, it even lights up at night!

The kiosk is divided into four sections; one for payment, the other for sunscreen dispensing galore. The sections are also big enough so you can slather on your lotion with enough privacy and be away from the glaring hot sun.

Credit – NoFryZone

It’ll cost you S$3 for 15ml of lotion and S$5 for 30ml. You’ll probably need about 30ml for your whole body! Payment can be made through Alipay, ApplePay and Mastercard’s Paypass.

I mean, nobody likes a shady beach, but in this case, it works in our favour.

No Fry Zone Sentosa: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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