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Treasures Of The Natural World: See Sabre-Toothed Cats & Cursed Gems At The ArtScience Museum From 25 November

Do you like history, science, and art? Set out on a trip through our planet’s history and discover the many natural wonders that roamed our land at the ArtScience Museum, coming to you on 25 November 2017 all the way ’til 29 April 2018.

The exhibition comes all the way from London’s famed Natural History Museum, showcasing over 200 objects. This is the first time that these treasures from Earth’s past make their way to Southeast Asia.

On display will be a range of extinct, historical animals like the dodo and even a sabre-toothed cat. Yes, the same cat embodied by the Yellow Power Ranger, you know?

There will also be artworks, gems, as well as artefacts belonging to some of the world’s greatest scientists like Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace.

One of the highlights is a ‘cursed’ amethyst, whose owner donated the gem to the Natural History Museum along with a note saying that the gem was “trebly accursed and is stained with the blood, and the dishonour of everyone who has ever owned it”. Super creepy.

With a trove full of historical (and bizarre) treasures, walk in the shoes of those who lived before you and see what you’ve missed for yourself. Tickets are available at Marina Bay Sands box offices and will be on sale online from 1 November.

Dates: 25 November 2017 – 29 April 2018

Price: From S$9.60

Treasures Of The Natural World: ArtScience Museum, 6 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018974 | Tickets | Website | Facebook

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