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Hermo.Sg: Shop K-Beauty Products At A Discount & Have Them Delivered In 1 – 3 Days

Hey beauty junkies! If you haven’t heard of Hermo, it’s time to get in on the lowdown: Here’s where you can stock up on your favourite Korean cosmetics and beauty products at reduced prices.

The Singapore-based company carries hundreds of brands, including Memebox, 3CE, AprilSkin, Witches Pouch, and more. But the wide range of Korean products isn’t the only thing that’s impressive — the time taken to ship the orders is what has me raving about this site.

Order & Shipping Process

With ongoing deals that last for hours and even days, you’ll be hard-pressed to give these products a miss because discounts can go up to 80% off. Take my money!

Being a typical Singaporean, I was determined to fill up my cart to S$25 so I could snag the free delivery; I mean, how difficult can it be to hit that amount.

*Update: A week after using the website, I noticed that they’ve increased the free delivery to S$45 after promo codes and credits. (y tho…) It’ll drop down to S$25 on some days though, so just wait till then to purchase.

When you add items to your cart, they are reserved for 24 hours, that way it gives you more time to think if you’re buying on impulse, without fearing that the items will be gone in the next few hours.

What’s even better is the option to send the item as a gift to your friends or loved ones. Just check “This Is A Gift” and the prices will be hidden on the invoice — I know where I’ll be shopping for gifts this coming festive season!

Payment methods are straightforward. Select the “Paypal” option if you’re paying via credit card or click on “Bank Transfer” for Fast transfer, GIRO or Cash Deposit. I opted for Paypal, and paying for the products was fuss-free and seamless.

Flash Shipping

Hermo prides itself in promising to deliver within one to three working days. Customers called it “Flash Shipping” and this has since become one of its trademarks. Having experienced it first hand, I’d say I was pretty amazed when I received my package the very next afternoon, after placing my order the night before.

My only gripe was that the items did not come in a box as seen on the website but in a plastic wrap instead, which resulted in the packaging being slightly dented.

Products That Caught Our Eyes

It was tough deciding what to get because my hands wanted to add everything into the cart. Sadly, I had to work within a budget.

After scrolling through the entire website, here are three products that stood out from the rest.

1. Pony Effect Spray Paint Nail Lacquer

If you’re looking for a faster alternative to get your nails done, the Pony Effect Spray Paint Nail Lacquer (S$11.55, original price S$12.87) will come in handy when you’re short on time to get prepped for a party or a date.

Simply layer nails with a base coat, spray the desired nail colour at a distance and finish with a top coat.

Then, run your nails under a tap to remove the colour from the skin around the nails, and you’re ready for the night.

2. Saem Gold Snail Bar

Beauty products with snail slime have been getting all the attention recently for the benefits that include anti-ageing, firming and hydrating the skin.

What I loved about the Saem Gold Snail Bar (S$8.06, original price S$8.55) is that it tightened the pores and provided a slight whitening effect after a few uses.

3. Missha Dual Blending Cushion Shadow

The Missha Dual Blending Cushion Shadow (S$11.90, original price S$18.90) is perfect for lazy girls like me. With two different colours on both ends, blending colours without looking like a clown has never been easier.

With six colours to choose from, I picked the Rose Crown for its beautiful pink hues to create a sweet fall look.

Though slightly powdery, it stayed intact for hours without a touch-up. And I must say that the blending sponge covers the surface of the eyelids well.

The iridescent, metallic textures added an extra sparkle to my eyes, making them look fresh and vibrant. Contouring is definitely easier too, with the darker pink to line the creases and the lighter pink for highlighting.

— —

Hermo’s a great platform for exploring K-beauty products without burning a hole in your wallet and widening your knowledge on the various brands that are not easily available off the shelves in Singapore.

With the Flash Delivery and discounts, it has given me enough reasons to shop from the comfort of my home.

Prices: From S$8 onwards

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