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Nasi Lemak Ring, Ice Kachang Necklace & Ang Ku Kueh Earrings Available On TinyPinc

People wear accessories as a form of expression to reflect their style, personality and more. So for avid foodies, what better way to express yourselves by donning on these quirky food accessories from TinyPinc?

TinyPinc is an online shop based in Malaysia boasting food-inspired accessories featuring local delights that we will make us salivate. And you will be delighted to know that they have a site for Singaporeans too.

Imagine loving Nasi Lemak so much you decide to marry it. Nasi Lemak fans can proudly don on this Nasi Lemak Ring (S$27.97) and proclaim their love for the cuisine. This unique piece not only reflects your sassy idiosyncrasies, but you can also be sure it will attract intrigued looks whenever you do a handshake.

In a world dominated by mainstream fashion, it’s pretty hard to stand out from the crowd with everybody sharing the same look. But the Shaved Ice Ais Kacang Necklace (S$27.97) helps set you apart with its colours.

How often do you see a necklace with lively dashes of red and green, and is playfully take on the look of our favourite local dessert? Consider adding this piece to your outfit to spice up the look.

Our favourite old school Ang Ku Kuih has made a contemporary jump with this Ang Ku Kuih Ear Earrings (S$27.91). It doesn’t scream for attention, so if you want to be low-key and rock your favourite snack at the same time, this accessory is made for you.

All these exceptional pieces featured here are just the tip of the iceberg of what TinyPinc has to offer. There’s still a ton of quirky designs awaiting you over at its online store. There’s Bak Kwas, Teh BingOndeh Ondeh, just to name a few. Head over and grab your favourite accessory today.

Prices: S$5 – S$70 per piece

TinyPinc: Website

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