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| On 2 years ago

Customisable Pokemon Shirts With More Than 151 Designs Now Available In Singapore

Another day, another Pokemon fad. However, this time Pokemon fans are in for something tangible instead of the usual virtual shenanigans. Singaporeans can now get their hands on Pokemon shirts that can be customised from 151 different Pokemon designs for S$135.70.

These unique shirts originate from Original Stitch that has ongoing collaborations with The Pokemon Company. Originally available only in Japan, this service was recently made available to us in Singapore. How lucky are we?

Its customisable service allows you to select the fabric prints from over 151 Pokemon designs in Casual shirts, Dress shirts and Hawaiian shirts. You even get to choose the size, design, chest pocket, type of buttons and long or short sleeve.

Here’s the iconic Pikachu that’s minimalistic and versatile; it is a piece that transits you from office to play.

Doesn’t this Squirtle design look so apt with the azure blues and water patterns? I’m lovin’ its chill vibes and will proudly rock this to the beach.

If you think this is just a regular flower shirt with Rafflesia, look closely. Can you spot the adorable Vileplume? As a Pokemon fan, I’ll take this over those hypebeast floral shirts any day.

These gorgeous shirts will set you back a reasonable price of S$135.70 no matter the designs you choose for the customisation. Whether it is birthdays or special occasions, these brilliant shirts make excellent gifts and a great addition to your wardrobe.

Dates & Time: Now available

Prices: S$135.70 per piece

Original Stitch: Online Shop

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