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The Karting Arena: Go Fast & Furious On This Electric Go-Kart Track In Bukit Timah

“All work and no play can make Jack a dull boy”. If you are looking for some adrenaline to spice up your routine, maybe The Karting Arena is the place for you. Hop on some speedy demons for a spin and the frown on your face will disappear in no time.

Situated in Bukit Timah, this place offers Singapore’s first electric go-kart track. With meandering turns, it is set to put your driving skills to the test. Quit admiring the life of F1 drivers because now you can get to experience the same.

No booking is required for Fun Karting, just walk in and you will be assigned to the next available session. With safety measures, training and the supervision of instructors, you can let your hair down and have a jolly good time.

For first timers like us, we were required to have our particulars recorded and photographs were taken. Thereafter, we were issued our race license, which can be used for race timing recording purposes and future promotions. This license made me feel like a legit racer lol.

For first-timers who have no experience in karting, there’s a driving simulator which will help you get familiarised with the actual track. So you won’t feel too stress operating the actual kart.

The Karting Arena takes safety very seriously. Hence, there is a compulsory safety briefing before mounting the kart. It touches on the dos and don’ts while racing, and also the repercussions of breaking rules. Be sure to follow them and you will have a pleasant experience.

After everything, we put on our helmets and mounted the electric karts excitedly. The attentive instructors even reminded us to put on our seatbelts and ensured we were familiar with operating the electric kart before sending us off. They provided nifty tips on how to navigate the meandering turns with ease. Top class service really.

Soon, the Vin Diesel in us emerged and we were making skilful swerves around the track. The lanes were sufficiently wide for us to make thrilling overtakes without the risk of collision. These electric karts turned out to be more powerful than my initial expectations. Press the pedal to the metal and you will experience an exhilarating sensation of wind hitting you. Shiok!

It’s only a pity that the prices were a little too steep for my liking (S$30 – S$40 per pax depending on age, day and driving experience). For that price, we only managed to squeeze out 10 minutes of fun before bading goodbye to the racing track.

But nevertheless, it is still a fun-filled place that will make you forget about your woes temporarily. If you are seeking some action or adrenaline spice up the moony of life, do give The Karting Arena a shot.

Prices: S$30 – S$40 per pax depending on age, day and driving experience

The Karting Arena: 200 Turf Club Road, #01-01B The Grandstand, South Car Park Singapore, 287994 | Tel: +65 9627 6771 | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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