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Tiger Brewery Tour: Get A Behind-The-Scenes Look At How Our Beloved Local Beer Is Made At The New Tuas Extension

R(o)aring to go!

Thinking of fun activities to do along the new Tuas extension? I’ve got you covered. The Tiger Brewery is now made more accessible with the new and improved MRT line. If you’re keen on an activity that’s pretty unconventional, you should sign up for this tour for an educational and smashing time!

Visitor Center

We headed to the visitor centre, where a tour guide began the tour. He introduced us to the world of beer brewing, along with help from an interactive screen which will display a video on the history and heritage of Tiger beer.

With 80 years of brewing excellence under its belt, it is no wonder that Tiger Beer has amassed a list of prestigious accolades. Get to know the other beers in its winning portfolio as well!

Brew House

Ever wondered what goes into the gorgeous golden concoction that people call beer? You can find out at the Ingredients Display Kiosk, where you get to look at four high-quality ingredients used by Tiger Beer.

One type of malt used in beer brewing.

Hops used in beer brewing.

All the beers brewed here use these basic ingredients: water, malt, hops and yeast. We put our senses to work by smelling and feeling the ingredients like hops and malts. You’ll even get a chance to taste the “wort”, which is beer before it is fermented for alcohol!

In this segment of the tour, no photography was allowed in the factory but you will be introduced to the five steps to brew the perfect beer: milling, mashing and boiling, fermentation, storage and filtration.

Experience being in a live factory — this means that whatever you see in the factory is really being produced for consumption and it’s not merely for the tour — with machinery whirring at every corner! There is also an interactive video in this segment of the tour which will explain the processes of beer packaging.

Packaging Gallery

Find out more about the beer packaging process for both beer cans and beer bottles. The Tiger Beer bottle you hold in your hands has been through a lot more rounds of packaging than you realise!

It felt like I was at a beer museum because I got to look at interesting machinery that I’d never seen before and take part in interactive games.

The steps to a solid ice cold beer are Refresh, Tilt and Pour, Straighten up, Cream (by pushing the tap away from you and skimming the top of the foam) and finally, Serve. The foam traps carbonation inside and seals the aroma, letting you enjoy your beer for a longer period of time.

Get the chance to try your hand at tapping beer and who knows, you just might impress somebody at a party.

Tiger Tavern

This is the Tiger Tavern, where the 45-minute long beer appreciation session will take place. You can lounge in comfortable armchairs and taste locally brewed beers. Get a sip (or three) of brands like ABC, Anchor, Barons Strong Brew, Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, Heineken and Tiger.

You can also have a taste of international brands such as Desperados, Guinness Draught and Strongbow Cider, which are imported from all over the world at only S$6 for one glass and S$10 for two glasses!

The Tiger Tavern exudes an old world charm with its decor of wood and leather as well as classics and pop music from the 2000s blaring from the stereos. There are also several dart machines for your entertainment.

I felt so at home drinking in the Tiger Tavern and you will too. Do remember to drink responsibly and to know your own limits!

Tiger Den

The final part of the tour is… the gift shop! The souvenirs are unique to the Tiger Den and you can only find them here.

While this bears a striking resemblance to a giant coaster, it is actually a pair of flip flops (S$19.90) that are just what you need to slip on before you head to your nearest coffee shop to drink an ice cold Tiger beer at night.

— —

The Tiger Brewery Tour is truly a mix of exploration and fun. It will leave you with knowledge about each step of the brewing process, and fill you with the satisfaction of having a delicious and local cold beer in your belly.

What’s better than an ice cold beer? Discounts, of course! From now till 7 October 2017, get 20% off the tour price when you book online and enter the promo code ‘hype&stuff20‘.

Prices: Refer here for prices

Tiger Brewery Tour: 459 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim, Singapore 639934 | Opening Hours: (Mon to Sat), 1pm – 5pm, Closed on Sundays | Tel: +65 6860 3005 | Website | Tickets | Facebook

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