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The Thirsty Sisters Podcast: Why We Love Our Malay Community — 5 Soundbites For Your Consideration

Just about everyone has been starting podcasts now—including Night Owl Cinematic’s Sylvia and Nina. In a relatively new series entitled The Thirsty Sisters Podcast, the pair aims to bring listeners the scathing hot down low and other issues of the moment.

An episode that was aired on 21 July, 2020, “Why We Love Our Malay Community?!” had garnered mixed reviews from listeners around the island.

We bring you 5 soundbites from the podcast so you can be the judge.

1. “They know how to enjoy the simple things in life.”

“Their way of life resonates more with me,” says Nina, “more so than my Chinese friends”. Nina also quotes the ‘kampung spirit’ as what she loves about her Malay friends, because they’d never leave her behind.

2. “My Malay friends teach me how to eat using hands.”

“And we both know ya, that we’re quite good at it,” Sylvia added.

3. “She will use that ‘Muslim set’ to cook for them to eat.”

Nina attempts to explain the dietary differences between those of the Muslim faith and her, and also points out the exact moment when she realised that her Muslim friends were ‘different’ from her.

4. “We do homework together, we copy homework, no problem.”

“Whereas for my Chinese friends… can you let me copy? It’s a no for sure,” says Nina.

5. “I can name all my Malay friends at the top off my head one you know!”

“I love the races equally, maybe I love the Malay race even more.”

The Internet Reacts

Some called the podcast out for perpetuating “minority fetishism”.

Clearly, not everyone took too well to the podcast programme in general.

Arguably, there are many ways the podcast could have been carried out with more finesse. Like inviting a member of the Malay community on it, for example, for true representation.

Either way, whether you felt uncomfortable while tuning in or if it sat well with you, do let us know your thoughts and why.

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