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THEFACESHOP Holiday Special Collection: Luxuriate In Treats For Your Face & Body This Christmas

It’s hard work being a modern woman in this hectic world. Sometimes it seems like we hardly have time for a quick breather, let alone indulge in spa treatments to relax.

The festive season is always a good time to unwind and let loose (and use up some of that hard-earned leave days). With THEFACESHOP Holiday Special Collection, it’s time to treat yourself, and your loved ones too.

Pamper those well-worn hands of yours with the Holiday Special Hand Cream Set ($20.90). With the three pleasant fragrances of Sweet Berry, Blossom and Romantic Musk, your hands will always look and smell good, even when you’re on the go.

If your skin is starting to look dull and dry, hydrate and brighten your complexion with the Holiday Bubble Foam Cleanser Set ($25.90). With three cleansers of different foaming levels, it’ll imbue your skin with that youthful radiance once more.

Indulge in the luxurious feel of the Holiday Special – The Therapy First Serum Set ($47.90). Consisting of highly moisturising serums, this line of premium skin care is sure to hydrate your skin and keep it supple throughout dinner parties. We all know how air-conditioned rooms just leech the moisture right out of your skin!

Finally, swipe on some colour with the Holiday Special Intense Matte Touch Lipstick ($19.90). Choose from five different shades of reds both bright and deep: Milk Tea, Sweet Tea, Date Tea, Chai Latte and Vin Claud.

Pick up a gift for yourself from one of THEFACESHOP outlets. Go on, you know you’ve earned it.

Date: From 1 November 2017 onwards, available at THEFACESHOP outlets

Prices: From S$9.90 – S$49.90

THEFACESHOP Holiday Special Collection: Various Outlets | Website | Facebook

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