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| On 2 years ago

8 Ways To Tell If You’re (Unfortunately) A Mainstream ‘Hipster’ In Singapore

There was a time when hipsters were defined as trendy and unconventional people, especially those outside the cultural mainstream. However, the growth of hipster culture lately has led to the term losing its original intended meaning and in fact, ‘hipsters’ now seem to be the most mainstream crowd of them all.

With an increasing number of ‘hipsters’ lurking in our neighbourhoods, it’s perhaps time for a checklist to filter out the real deals from the wannabes who are actually just other mainstream kids on the block.

So, are you the real McCoy or not? These eight telltale signs of a mainstream ‘hipster’ will give you the answer you need.

1. Attended ‘Hipster’ Music Festivals

Summer music festivals have been wildly popular among the young ‘hipster’ crowd in recent years. But come to think of it, with tens of thousands in attendance, it’s a far cry to call them hipster music festivals.

If you’ve gone to at least one of them, well, I hope you had fun bonding with the ‘hipsters’.

2. But… Judges Mainstream Music

We all have that one ‘hipster’ friend who’s always hating on mainstream music that’s made it to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 list. Not only that, they are constantly bragging about how lit their current jams are.

If you are subtly guilty of these, I am sorry my friend but hipster is not the right word for you.

3. Gets Haircuts At ‘Hipster’ Salons

With an increasing number of ‘hipster barbers’ opening their doors in recent years, it may be hard to even call them hipster any longer. Furthermore, it’s quite ironic how everyone goes in looking different (or ‘alternative’ as hipsters call it) but comes out looking the same.

To stay ahead of the mainstream crowd and establish yourself as a true blue hipster, this is perhaps the barber you should be getting your hair cut at.

4. Tried Growing A Moustache

Does having a moustache automatically make you hipster? The cold, hard truth is… no (well, unless yours looks like the one above). True hipster culture never encouraged mimicry so if you think having the same slick-back hairstyle along with a moustache makes you one of them, it’s time to stop.

5. Posts Abstract Photos With A ‘Step’ Caption

Okay, I understand that many of us are actually guilty of this charge but if you are getting excessive ‘step’ comments from your friends and followers, you know you are more than the occasional ‘hipster’ and are probably too deep in the wannabe zone.

6. Mingles In The Most Mainstream ‘Hipster’ Hangouts

In recent years, we have seen the rise of many ‘hipster’ enclaves such as Tiong Bahru, Dempsey Hill and Haji Lane. Although I must admit that these were legit spots back in the day, they are definitely too mainstream now for the true hipsters who have probably moved on long ago.

Still frequently hanging out at these places? You are probably not legit as well then.

7. Spends Way Too Long Grooming In The Morning

Real hipsters never bothered trying to look too good. Looking natural and ‘real’ was the hipster way of life before this subculture became popular among the mainstream population.

If you are waking up an hour early to get that perfect 7:3 hair part, you are doing it all wrong.

8. Read This List

Real hipsters never need external verification online. They define themselves on their own conditions. If you actually searched for the definition of a hipster or tried desperately to cross out items on this list, you are not the real deal mate.


Find yourself guilty of more than four items on this checklist? I am sorry my friend, it seems like you are a mainstream ‘hipster’ who should probably quit trying to be cool. But that’s okay, you can come join me for some lamestream fun instead. 🙂

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