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| On 1 year ago

Taste A Different Country When You Brush Your Teeth With Take Me Away Toothpaste

It is a norm to see toothpaste in tubes and expecting the same boring mint flavour to hit you with each teeth brushing routine.

Credit – Take Me Away by closeup

Here comes Take Me Away toothpaste that’s going to change what we expect about toothpaste. This particular product comes in a personalized gel-based toothpaste bottle, and it contains a great-tasting toothpaste inspired by five destinations around the world.

Packaged in a 100% recyclable and reusable personalised pump bottle, it is practical yet environmentally friendly. These toothpaste are also stored in unique glitter colours and consist of more than three tubes of regular toothpaste per bottle.

Credit – Take Me Away by closeup

Some of these unique gels include Lights Out in Iceland where you get to “feel” the climate there as the menthol peppermint ingredients in the toothpaste give a feeling reminiscent of the chilly wind there.

Credit – Take Me Away by closeup

The Midnight in Paris collection takes one to a romantic getaway where the scent of french lavender, rose essence and refreshing mint ingredients contained in a purple glitter bottle just makes you feel like you are in Paris with a simple brush.

Credit – Takemeaway by closeup

The other flavours available are Fearless in Cape town, Non-stop in New York and Unplugged in Jeju.

It is indeed interesting to see such different twists in the usual routines that we perform each day. Furthermore, since Take Me Away’s toothpaste is environmentally friendly with its reusable bottle, why not give it a try?

For now the Take Me Away website seems to be down, but do check back or email them if you’re keen.

Price: S$15 for a bottle.

Take Me Away by closeup: Website | Facebook

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