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IKEA Pop-Up Hotel Launching In Taipei On 25 Sep – IKEA Members Can Register & Stay For Free

We often regard IKEA as a place to get new furniture, a hotspot to satisfy our craving for Swedish meatballs, and as a dream living space to reside in.

Credit – IKEA

Good news for those who have always wanted to sleep in an IKEA-styled home, because there’s a brand new IKEA Pop-Up Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan coming up from 25 September to 30 November 2019 for you to satisfy that desire.

Credit – IKEA

This pop-up hotel is located near Shuanglian MRT Station in Taipei and this entire concept is focused on quality sleep experience everyone should be getting. That being said, posh facilities that you expect of a standard hotel may not be featured here. It is simply a place for you to have a great night’s sleep in rooms that are designed exactly like the ones seen in IKEA showrooms.

Credit – IKEA

There will be nine different room designs that cater to different groups of people, such as newly married couples, families with kids, stylish men/women, collectors and even catering to the extent of same-sex couples.

For example, the two-person space designed from the perspective of a newly-married couple is a simple Scandinavian-themed space that blends rattan fixtures, flowers and plants to create a romantic, cosy room for two.

Credit – IKEA

Here’s even better news. There’s a chance you can stay in this IKEA pop-up hotel for free if you are an IKEA cardmember with a simple application via the IKEA hotel website. Simply select the type of room, date, and share the reason for your stay. IKEA will then select your eligibility based on application suitability.

Successful applicants must pay NT$500 (~ S$22) as a refundable deposit. Each cardmember can apply multiple times at the same time.

This is definitely one of the more creative concepts brought about by IKEA and it is a unique alternative to your accommodation if you travel to Taiwan. I believe the comfort you can soak yourself in will be unforgettable, how many people can sleep get an opportunity to sleep officially in an IKEA showroom?

IKEA Pop-Up Hotel: No. 28, Section 1, Minsheng East Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City | Website

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