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Superpark: Indoor Skate Park, Trampolines & Arcade-Style Sports In Suntec City

I came across Superpark at Suntec City while scrolling through my Instagram feed, it looked absolutely fun with its unique games and quirky twists on basketball, soccer and more.

Walking in, a wave of merriment hit me; with walls dressed in bright purple and yellow along with the bursting of children laughing in the background, this place brimmed with vibrant youthfulness.

Shoes were not allowed but we were given a pair of non-slip socks, which is pretty cool and I’m so glad I got to keep them.

We also obtained a wristband which allows us easy access into the park and our lockers. We tapped in excitedly into the haven of fun and couldn’t wait to try out all the activities Superpark has in store.

From the outside, Superpark looked deceivingly small. But once you step inside, it felt extremely spacious and consisted of two levels with a whopping 23 attractions in total.

If you’re looking for a space for your little ones to burn off their energy, you’ll be happy to know the activities are kid-friendly too. It even has a miniature football arena for them to show off their agility.

For something less intense, little ones can rearrange soft blocks and put their creativity and imagination to test.

There’s also a mini race track where kids can drive navigate through an obstacle course in a small vehicle.

And now, it’s time for the big boys to play. We spotted a station that suited to our age called Super Bowling, which consisted of two arcade machines allowing users unlimited tries — this place is out to make arcades obsolete.

Unlike conventional bowling, instead of knocking down pins, we had to roll the balls into the hole with points allocated. The player with the most number of points wins.

We ended up shooting the balls into the holes, and guess who won? Yours truly.

Being competitive people, we challenged each other to a game of Superball, which involves throwing balls at each others goal post.

It kind of resembled handball but without rules, and boys being boys, we started shooting the balls at each other.

We were greeted by even more astounding children attractions when we went downstairs. It literally has everything.

Look at the Tube Slide. Sadly, we were too old for it and were not allowed to give it a whirl.

There’s also a playground, the kind that every kid dreams of — huge with multiple levels of interesting courses, slides, worm tunnel and climber to satiate their adventurous souls.

If you are a basketball addict like me, try out this Super Hoop. It consists of hoops at different height and points awarded.

Oh boy, the hoop with 500 points, at the back was so tough to score. It requires strength and accuracy due to its distance. But once you get the ball through the hoop, it is the best feeling in the world. I enjoyed how Superpark took regular basketball and turned it into this arcade-style game.

The Robo Keeper station was something new I had to try. It resembles a penalty kick situation in a soccer game, where players are asked to score with a robot goalkeeper fending the goalpost.

I was amazed by its speed at blocking my shots. Next time you’re here, I challenge you to defeat this station. You’ll have my respect if you do.

As we wandered about, we found a skateboard and scooter arena. The teenagers here are lowkey daredevils with the ability to perform jaw-dropping stunts. I was thoroughly dazzled by their circusy acts.

Since I am not a skater, I took it to the trampolines to unleash the child in me and began bouncing energetically about.

If you are bored of bouncing about repetitively on the trampoline, try diving into a sea of sponges instead. Don’t worry, it is completely safe as your falls are thoroughly cushioned. What you should be worried about is how to get out of the sponges without falling down

With a whopping 23 attractions present at Superpark, it’s impossible for me to list them all. Superpark is the most enjoyable theme park I have ever been to. The interesting arcade twist they put on their games really appealed to me, and I’m really sure this paradise of fun will be your next favourite hangout.

Prices: S$22 – S$48 per pax depending on date and time

Superpark: #02-477, Suntec City (North Wing), 3 Temasek Boulevard, Tower 1, 038989 | Opening Hours: (Mon- Fri) 10am – 9pm, (Sat-Sun) 9am – 9pm | Website| Facebook| Instagram

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