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| On 2 years ago

Get This Travel Pillow With Your GF/BF’s Face Printed On To Cure Separation Anxiety

Let’s face it, we are all guilty of being overly attached sometimes — we all have that someone weighing on our minds constantly and wished we could bring them everywhere we go. With this portable Travel Mushion from Firebox that allows the customisation of the faces of your loved ones, you will never have to bear the pain of separation again.

Whether you are flying 45,000 feet up in the sky, commuting to the office or need a neck rest to get you through lecturers, this cushion will lend comforting support, be it physically or emotionally — just looking at the endearing faces plastered on the cushion will make your day infinitely better.

Not to mention it cures the woeful emptiness when you are away for prolonged periods of time. With how often we travel nowadays, I’m sure we all can relate to being away from loved ones. Now, when you’re feeling lonely just snuggle warmly into this cushion and feel your woes melt away in a jiffy.

Dates & Times: Now available on Firebox

Prices: Approx. S$35.25 per cushion

Firebox: Website

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