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6 Heartfelt Mother’s Day Gifts That Your Mother Will Definitely Appreciate

Nothing is nobler than mothers in this world; they deserve nothing but the best from us. After all, their painstaking efforts have nurtured us into what we are today.

As Mother’s Day draws closer, here are six heartfelt Mother’s Day gifts that mum will definitely appreciate.

1. Food Accessories From TinyPinc

It’s time to spice up mum’s look with this Nasi Lemak Ring (S$28) from TinyPinc and make her a cooler than she already is. If you have a foodie mum, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind having these delicious cuisines at her fingertips (no pun intended).


This Nyonya Kuih Brooch (S$28) looking all red and rad will definitely bring out her glow.

These two pretty accessories are just a scratch on the surface what TinyPinc has to offer. There are loads of other innovative designs, from pineapple tarts, ondeh ondeh to kueh lapis and bak kwa.

TinyPinc: Website

2. Handmade Flowers From Adorning Glory

They say flowers are the way to a woman’s heart. A simple bouquet of felt flowers from Adorning Glory will definitely win mum over. Moreover, these flowers last forever and would look great as table centrepieces.

You can even attend workshops to learn how to make the bouquets, I’m sure your mother will appreciate the heartfelt sincerity that goes into it.

Adorning Glory: Tel: +65 8832 8306 (Whatsapp for walk-in appointment) | Facebook| Instagram

3. Customized Tote Bag

If mum is all about practicality, a customisable tote bag from BrightStarKids will see her from running errands to grocery shopping. Add a short message and mum will be reminded of your love every single time she uses it.

What’s nifty about the website is that it provides beautiful design templates so you have an idea of you’d like it to look.

BrightStarKids: Website

4. Beauty Products From Shophouse Sixtyfive

Shophouse Sixtyfive marries our rich culture into its handmade beauty products, such as lip and cheek tints.

With names equally as charming as the nostalgia it evokes, these products will definitely find their way easily into mum’s make-up arsenal.

Shophouse Sixtyfive: Website

5. Knitting Kit

Knitting is such a sincere and endearing act as it involves dedicating time to provide comfort to the receiver. Actions speak louder than words, so why not showcase your love for your mother this Mother’s Day by knitting for her. You can easily pick up a knitting kit at an online blog shop or a neighbourhood beauty store. It’s a painstaking process, so remember why you started when you feel like giving up.

Online Store: Website

6. Custom Earrings From Fid Market

At Fid Market, every earring is uniquely handcrafted, making them one of a kind — just like the love between you and your mother. Bring out the chic elegance in her by gifting her these youthful accessories.

You can even opt to customise the designs to suit her liking. What’s thoughtful about the owner is that their earrings are nickel-free, which makes them suitable for sensitive skin.

Their elegant pieces promise to dazzle your mother and will not break your bank, what’s not to love?

Fid.Market: Website| Carousell

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