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These Pop-Up Party Ninjas Are Back For A Super Bash At Gillman Barracks on 22 September

Sure, Singapore’s a tiny island, but that doesn’t mean you’ll find a dearth of parties on this raving red dot. While we do have a cornucopia of clubs in Singapore, in my opinion, the best parties are the ones you’d least expect, popping up from the shadows in unforeseeable locations before vanishing once the sun rises. One promoter that’s been notorious for throwing fiestas like these is Super 0.

Renowned for its Super 0 Openair shindig that’s still having punters talking since its bash in 2015 — it took over an abandoned sports club and turned an empty pool into a dancefloor — the party promoters have surfaced once again for a collaboration with the arts.

In conjunction with Art After Dark, one of the jam-packed programmes of Gillman Barracks’ fifth anniversary, this Super 0 comeback takes over the boogie-friendly Block 45 for an outdoor jamboree with DJs, artists, workshops, and beer booths for the thirsty.

Helming the decks will be elites of the local disco, soul, tech-house and techno scenes — Funk Bast*rd (from the Darker Than Wax label), KFC (from the Lo & Behold Group), Cats on Crack (from The Council), and Zig Zach (from Kilo Lounge). Artists, Reza Hasni and Juls Ong, will complement the tunage with entrancing and energising visuals.

Revellers can also keep the buzz going with Super 0’s Craft Beer Garden hosted by BottlesXO. And if you see your future as a superstar DJ in the cards, make haste to DJ workshops conducted by industry stalwarts, Pioneer. Can we think of a more super party? We think not.

Date and Time: 22 September 2017, 7pm – late

Price: Free

Super 0 x Art After Dark Street Party: Block 45 Malan Road, Singapore 109455 | Facebook

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