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Cow Play Cow Moo: How Many Tickets Can You Win With S$50 At Singapore’s Largest Arcade?

Arcades have always been a favourite past time of most Singaporeans, but since the move to a more digital ticketing system, we’ve lost a vital element to the experience: strips upon strips of tickets that are tangible proof of a victorious time.

But Cow Play Cow Moo is back to restore those good ol’ fun arcade days. Every game promises that you’ll be getting at least a roll of tickets.

Bringing Back The Old School Days

Instead of topping-up your pre-purchased cards, Cow Play Cow Moo has stuck with having its own brand of tokens.

Simply insert the amount you wish to exchange in the token machine. The sound of metal coins clanking against the collection pit was so pleasing! You know you’re in for a good time just by the sound of it — music to my ears.

Winning The Jackpot

I’ve only ever played games that give me an adrenaline rush or an endorphin boost, but I’ve never actually gone into an arcade trying to win the jackpot.

Cow Play Cow Moo is filled with jackpots waiting to be won by ambitious arcade-goers. Ticket redemption machines line the walls of the arcade, with each game having different objectives but the same purpose – to reward you with tons of tickets!

Whether you’re banking on strategy, luck or even speculated rigging of games, there is something that will suit your fancy here. You have to admire the amount of work that goes into creating a game that dangles the carrot so agonisingly close to you.

A few dollars in, I made a promise to myself to get a jackpot. How could I possibly walk away now?!

Just in case you’re wondering, yes, I did hit the jackpot; twice even! Somehow, I felt that hitting the jackpot wasn’t anything special around here as you’ll see other patrons’ buckets filled to the brim with tickets.

But the triumphant feeling that has always eluded me was very satisfying, nonetheless.

If the ticket chase is not your thing, there are also classic arcade games. From Tekken’s, Daytona’sPara-Para to claw machines, these can still get you a good time.

Win Collectible Prizes

After a few good rounds of playing, I managed to amass a sizeable amount of tickets. I could barely keep them within a single basket and had to quickly count them before the whole thing became a jumbled mess.

Heading to the concession stand at the back of the arcade, I met a whole wall of prizes in all shapes and sizes. You’ll find Pokemon collectables that look like they came straight from Japan, unbranded mechanical keyboards/drones, pillow-sized plush toys and gaming accessories.

Winning a jackpot (twice), having a blast and making unforgettable memories with my friends was well worth the nominal fee I had paid for the tokens three hours earlier.

Located in Suntec Tower 3 (beside Golden Village), this is the place to unleash your inner child and have a jolly, good time with your friends again.

Cow Play Cow Moo: Suntec City, Level 3 Between Towers 3 & 4, 8 Temasek Boulavd, Singapore 038988 | Opening Hours: 11am – 12.30am (Closes at 1am From Fri – Sun) | Facebook

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