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Catch The Strawberry Moon In Singapore On 6 June, 3:12 am

On Monday evening, many areas of Singapore witnessed a magnificent rainbow across the sky—a heartwarming sight to mark the end of the Circuit Breaker and a start of a new season for the nation. The wonders of Mother Nature never cease to amaze us, and we’re in for a new treat this weekend.

Credit – Yuzuru Gima

If you’re up for it, peek out of your windows on 6 June, 3:12 am, and see if you can spot the strawberry moon outside your balcony. If you do not have the privilege of working from home and thus staying up late, fret not—this full moon phenomenal will last for three days.

Credit – Getty Images

Unfortunately, if you are expecting to see a dramatic reddening of the moon, the name has got nothing to do with its colour. The Native Americans—largely agrarian—coined the name “Strawberry moon” to keep track of the strawberry harvesting and planting season.

However, if we are lucky, we might catch the moon with a tinge of pink, depending on its position and where you are looking from.

Credit – Filippo Monteforte

To all nature lovers and astronomy enthusiasts—get your cameras and coffees ready, and prepare to snap away.

Date and Time: 6 June 2020, 3:12 am
*Timing is accurate as of writing but may be subject to change. 

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